Watch guy dressed like Bender propose to girlfriend ... in binary!

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Dec 16, 2012

Computer programmer and huge Futurama fan Robert Hall decided to combine his two loves with his lady love when popping the question to his girlfriend last month.

Hiding an engagement ring in a cupcake? So last century. A jumbo-tron proposal at the big game? Pfft, old news.

Hall recorded a video of himself speaking in binary code saying what translates roughly into: "Rachel, you are awesome! Will you marry me?," all while wearing a Bender mask from Futurama, for full robo-effect. His so-eloquent proposal took six tries to get right.

He posted the video on his girlfriend Rachel Smith's Facebook wall, and after helping her through the translation, he is happy to report: She did say yes.

"I just did it because I knew Rachel would think it was awesome and my friends would think it was funny, so I was pretty surprised when it was the number one video on YouTube Trends for a while," he told News Today. "Rachel loves robots and Futurama's one of my favorite TV shows. I always wanted to propose in some nerdy way, and was thinking about binary, which immediately reminded me of the binary scenes in [the Futurama film] Bender's Big Score."

Robert said the Bender mask featured in the video is an original, crafted with weeks of love and a bevy of household items.

"I made the head in January, it took me a few weeks to make in the evenings, from cardboard, paper, glue, paint and two Christmas baubles that I took off the Christmas tree," he told News Today. "I recorded the video as soon as it was made ... I posted it on YouTube on the 20th [of] January and posted it on Rachel's Facebook wall right away, while she was sitting across the room from me."

The video has since gone viral, scoring nearly 90,00 hits on YouTube.

Love being in the air is one thing. But binary? That's just awesome.

(via News Today)