See Hugh Jackman break a wrestler's jaw in the ring

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

There are lots of reasons we love Hugh Jackman, and one of them is his uncanny ability to assimilate himself into any genre of entertainment. Recently, he appeared on WWE Raw ... and wouldn't you know it, things got a little out of hand.

Okay, sure. It's very obvious that showing up on Raw was a bid to get attention to Jackman's new flick, Real Steel. The thing about this sort of pandering is that it all lies in the execution, and Jackman really excels here.

It would have been worth it on its own having Jackman backstage and poking fun at underdog wrestler Zach Ryder's backstory. The WWE took it to a whole other level, though, when Jackman actually sneaks into the ring and socks heel wrestler Dolph Ziggler in the face!

The jab has to be seen to be believed, so here's video from the event.

If you thought that punch really landed, you might be right. On Tuesday, Ziggler tweeted "land in Bikini Bottom 9:30 am, MRI scheduled for 1 pm.....possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman". While it's possible this is just a further stunt, Ziggler did specify later that he had a hairline mandibular fracture. While I'm sure the stunt was planned, sounds like the results weren't.


(via The Huffington Post)