Watch Ryan Reynolds dodge the 'Do you think Green Lantern sucked' question

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

It can't be easy to have spent great stretches of time making a movie—the months of dieting and training, the long hours on set—but it's gotta be miserable when the movie itself turns out to be less than awesome. Faced with having to comment on his feeling about Green Lantern, its star bobs and weaves like a boxer.

Now, Reynolds doesn't come out and bash Green Lantern—which, despite its $219 million worldwide gross, was seen as both a financial and a critical disappointment—because he's a smart guy who want to continue to make big films for movie studios ... unlike some other stars.

So, instead, Reynolds employs some actory flourishes and philosophical doublespeak to steer around the question itself.

"Never congratulate yourself too much and never berate yourself too much. Very sage advice. ... I look at moviemaking as the experience moreso than the outcome."

Whatever helps a fella sleep at night.

(via MTV)