Watch Sean Bean die over and over again in this epic montage

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Dec 14, 2012
He's starred on television in Game of Thrones. He's been a major player in movies like The Fellowship of the Ring. He's been a spy, a cop, a criminal, and a terrorist. And, as all of them, he's died. Repeatedly. Often by being shot. In the face. Ladies and gentlemen: Sean Bean.

To be fair, Sean Bean is one of the coolest cats around, and is apparently enough of a tough guy to get stabbed in a bar fight and just keep on drinking. But his now-legendary toughness hasn't stopped him from being cinematically slaughtered more than any actor this side of Danny Trejo. And now, you can enjoy (or mourn, depending on your outlook) the many deaths of Sean Bean thanks to this most excellent - and thorough - video compilation. RIP, Mr. Bean.

See the list of included movies here.

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