See Sherlock's shocking S2 cliffhanger reimagined with LEGOS

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Dec 17, 2012

The BBC's Sherlock season-two finale had without a doubt one of the most shocking cliffhangers we've ever seen, and for those who have yet to see it, we're not going to spoil it. Suffice it to say the wait for season three is killing us. Well, somebody got bored and tired of waiting (perhaps it was Sherlock himself), because they've re-created Sherlock and Moriarty's final dramatic face-off in LEGO glory.

The guys took the actual dialogue from the episode—so we're hearing the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch sans his sharp cheekbones as Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Scott as the evil and devious Moriarty as well and The Hobbit's Martin Freeman as Sherlock's faithful friend Dr. John Watson—and painstakingly re-created the last ten minutes of "The Reichenbach Fall" in Legos.

(Well ... almost. Because we all know something even more shocking comes up right after that scene, right?)

But even if the whole scene is made of LEGOS, we couldn't help but get choked up all over again. Darn it. Can we have a tissue please?

Have a look and we dare you not to have tears in your eyes:

(via Radio Times)

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