Watch the 1st episode of Being Human's teen vampire spinoff NOW

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Dec 14, 2012

Can't get enough of the original U.K. series Being Human? Apparently neither can the show's creator, Toby Whithouse, who's come up with a web series to make fans really, really happy.

Becoming Human (that's the title of the series) is about (what else?) a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost all living together going to high school together and learning what it means to be human.

The web series will be comprised of eight weekly episodes, and this is what the BBC tells us:

Follow Adam, Being Human's teenage vampire, as he becomes embroiled in a dark and dangerous mystery

Adam (Craig Roberts)—who's definitely no ordinary teenager at the ripe ol' age of 46—made his debut appearance Sunday in "Adam's Family," the second episode of Being Human's third season.

One thing's for sure, his short stint with our favorite gang of supernatural misfits certainly enlightened him as to what's going on with werewolves and ghosts. Adam's joined by werewolf Christa (Leila Mimmack) and ghost Matt (Josh Brown).


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