Watch the chilling new Doctor Who season 6 prequel episode NOW

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Dec 14, 2012

The premiere of Doctor Who's sixth season is less than a month away (April 23), and the BBC's doing a darn good job of keeping us all pumped and ready for its Easter weekend debut by releasing an online prequel that kicks off the upcoming new season.

After the Comic Relief minisode and the small teasers, we're now showered with another prequel mini-episode. This prequel will segue directly into the first episode, titled "The Impossible Astronaut," in a storyline that will be concluded the following week (April 30) in "Day of the Moon."

Written by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, this jaw-dropping prequel features the White House Oval Office and President Richard Nixon.

A phone call on the President's private line announces, in a child's voice, that there are monsters coming and that they're everywhere all the time.

Look behind you, Mr. President!

We just can't freakin' wait! What do you think?

(via BBC)

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