Watch a revealing Tron: Uprising preview episode right now!

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Dec 17, 2012

The new, animated series Tron: Uprising is just a few weeks away from hitting the small screen—but you can watch a full preview episode online. Right now.

Dubbed "Beck's Beginning," the preview event essentially serves as a pilot episode for the new Disney XD series. The show is meant to bridge the gap between the original 1982 Tron and the 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy, digging into what happened in the Grid during those missing years.

The animation style definitely hits the classic Tron sweet spot, and even the soundtrack and effects feel like a fun throwback. As for the story? It actually seems like it could be fun, learning more about the forgotten corners of the Grid.

Check out the official episode synopsis for "Beck's Beginning" here:

Beck is a young mechanic living in Argon City, a growing metropolis in a far off corner of the grid that has just been occupied by General Tesler, a henchman of the notorious Clu. After his best friend Bodhi is ruthlessly derezzed by Clu's army, Beck seeks justice for his lost friend and launches a crusade against the regime. His rebellion captures the attention of Tron, the greatest warrior The Grid has ever known, who sees the potential in Beck and trains him to be his successor. Labeled with the moniker of The Renegade, Beck sparks a revolution to fight for the freedom of The Grid.
Watch the full episode below:

So, what do you think? Will you be checking out Tron: Uprising when it premieres on June 7?

(Via Comic Book Movie)