Watch (right now!) the Uncharted film trilogy we've always wanted

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Dec 17, 2012

Videogames have been blurring the line with films for a while, but now one ambitious Reddit user has literally created the Uncharted film trilogy we've been waiting years to see. And it's awesome.

By taking all the CG cutscenes from the Uncharted videogame trilogy—an Indiana Jones-esque series that follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake—the ambitious fan has created three feature-length clips for those who prefer the story over the gameplay.

The clips actually flow pretty well, and should serve as a real wake-up call for anyone who thinks that videogames aren't closing the gap with feature-film storylines and writing.

These makeshift movies may be the closest thing to a movie we get, as a live-action feature based on Uncharted is still stuck in development hell. Mark Wahlberg was attached at one point to play Drake, but after director David O. Russell dropped out, not much has been heard about the project.

But, in the meantime, fire up these bad boys on your flat screen and enjoy.

(Via Kotaku)