Watch Total Recall trailer with director's revealing commentary

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Dec 17, 2012

The awesome trailer for Len Wiseman's upcoming Total Recall reboot already has us salivating, and now Wiseman has dished a few details in a nifty commentary clip breaking down some of the action.

The director sat down with to talk about all the threads and scenes being showcased in the first trailer.

Wiseman said he wanted to keep one of the most iconic scenes from the 1990 original, the Rekall scene where Colin Farrell's Doug Quaid (the character portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the '90s version) has his memories mucked with.

"[We] set it up in a much more opium-den, slightly more sketchy version of this whole process," he said. "I wanted to have a little bit more danger. At its core, it's screwing with your brain chemistry. That cannot be a widely accepted thing."

As for that Jason Bourne-style fight scene against those generic-looking stormtroopers? Wiseman said he's wanted to shoot one of those for years, and Total Recall finally gave him the chance.

"I needed to have the audience feel what Quaid was feeling. I wanted to set up a moment where you aren't given a chance to take a breath until it's over, just like he would," he said. "It was a very complicated shoot where Colin had to do the fight 22 times, actually, to get the thing right with all of the cameras. The cameras would move at 35 miles an hour that were on computer systems. It took two days. It was immensely fun, but it is 100 percent practical."

Total Recall is set to open on Aug. 3.

(via MTV)

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