Watching Downey Jr. and Fillion banter makes our geek heads explode

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Nov 25, 2014, 5:43 PM EST

If you stuck around after the credits of the most recent episode of Castle, you were in for a treat: Tony Stark and Richard Castle arguing over which rich playboy is more awesome. If you stuck an ear to the window last night and listened hard, you could hear the faint sound of geek hearts breaking and undergarments evaporating.

Hopefully this little plug for Joss Whedon's superheroic hootenanny isn't as Avengers-adjacent as Fillion gets—I'm still holding out hope for a secret cameo—but even if it is, it's not a bad little reminder of how awesome these guys would be, together, on the big screen.

And that fake toupee trick ... kills every time.

(via GGD)