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Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons on why now is the perfect time for a TV adaptation

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Oct 4, 2018, 1:11 PM EDT

This morning at New York Comic Con, we sat down with Watchmen artist and co-creator Dave Gibbons at SYFY WIRE's Live Stage, where the comics icon shared his thoughts on Damon Lindelof's upcoming "remix" of the iconic work done by him and author Alan Moore

While Gibbons had recently gone on record praising the new series, he didn't have a lot of information he was able to share. However, he did say that after reading the script for the pilot episode, it "absolutely blew me away."

"It came in at a very unexpected angle, felt very fresh, felt Watchmen, but [that it had] moved on. I'm really, really thrilled about it." 

Gibbons went on to say that he's been in close contact with Lindelof throughout the process of adapting the series for HBO. The idea that he's setting the story some 30 years after the events of the comic, and telling an all-new story with all-new characters intrigued him. 

"I think with the graphic novel, Alan [Moore] and I had said everything we had to say about those characters at that particular time. I've never been a supporter of prequels on sequels, even though there have been some really wonderful creators working on them. I'd rather see fresh approaches. Things that re-tread that ground tend to dilute it, rather than expand it. The HBO series doesn't attempt to do any of these things. It felt new to me, it felt exciting. It felt today."

After all, Watchmen's premise was examining what a world would look like if superheroes existed — both past and present. "A world that really had Superman in it, just like a world that had Dr. Manhattan in it, would be a very different place," he said.

What Lindelof's series is doing, according to Gibbons, is looking at this same superhero-plagued world years after Ozymandias triggered a cataclysmic event. "When you drop a stone in a pond, the ripples go out and change things forever around them."

Gibbons also thinks that making a series based in the world that Watchmen created couldn't have come at a better time, given the current popularity of superheroes. 

"Rather than [superheroes] being sort of a weird, geeky outlier, it is the epicenter of popular culture. Given the kind of subject matter which appears on streaming TV series, they've been softened up for all sorts of weirdness. I think this is a really great time to be coming out with it."

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