Watchmen + My Little Pony = one disturbing but riveting mashup

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Twilight Sparkle as Dr. Manhattan? (Or is that ... Dr. Mane-hattan?) Rainbow Dash as the Comedian? If the sound of that makes you feel a little uneasy ... same here! But never mind. There's something about this Watchmen/My Little Pony mashup that makes us want to watch ... Ponymen.

As the creator of this bizarre video, BronyVids, wrote over on YouTube, "All the mares and colts of the world will look up and shout save us...and I'll whisper back ... no." And you know ... somehow it works.

Maybe it's hearing Rorschach's gruff voice coming out of the mouth of Pinkie Pie. But whatever the reason, we hope you'll also think it works. (Though as to what Alan Moore would think ... we're afraid to find out!)

(via Bleeding Cool)