Watchmen's 'Comedian' eyes another comic antihero: Lobo

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

DC Comics' cult antihero franchise, Lobo, finally has a director with the recent announcement of Guy Ritchie. Now the big question: Who will play the blue-skinned, cigar-chomping bounty hunter? Watchmen's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is currently playing Clay in another DC Comics Silver/Goldsman production, The Losers, would like to suggest himself.

"Lobo would be very cool," Morgan told a group of reporters last week. "I don't think that I'm as big as Lobo is, but if you could, like, transplant Mickey Rourke's body onto my head, that would be just great."

Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman and Andrew Rona are producing Lobo, and Don Payne's script is said to be ready. Originally created as a peripheral character in Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer's Green Lantern spinoff comic Omega Men, Lobo was reinvented as an antihero in the early 1990s by writer Alan Grant and artist Simon Bisley, who elevated the exaggerated biker persona to epically monstrous levels.

"[Graphic novels] are an untapped world for me," added Morgan, who made a splash this year as the Comedian in Zack Snyder's graphic-novel-based Watchmen. "Every time I kind of hear about something, I go out and get the book or I look it up on one of your guys' sites. We'll see. You're always looking for material that's kind of smart and fun, and this seems to be where it is right now. The studios are really gravitating towards it. More than I've ever seen them gravitate towards anything in a long time. Comic books are really the thing right now, and I don't see that going away for at least the next couple of years."

Considering the in that Morgan has with the production team behind Lobo, it seems the actor may have a leg up on the competition. "I do have an in," Morgan laughs. "I'll be elbowing somebody soon."