Watchmen's screen Ozymandias defends those controversial prequels

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

While those upcoming Watchmen prequel comics have unleashed a firestorm of debate and criticism, at least one star of the movie adaptation is looking forward to them.

Speaking with Digital Spy, actor Matthew Goode—who played Ozymandias in the 2009 film version of Watchmen—said he's "quite excited" about Before Watchmen, the series of seven prequel comics due out this summer.

"It's not Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons doing it, but they've got some of the best [writers and artists]," he told the site in a video interview. "Who knows what will happen with that? Whether it will be made into a prequel or not?"

When it's mentioned that Alan Moore—who's already called the prequel comics "evil"—would probably not be very happy about a movie version either, Goode replied, "Zack [Snyder, Watchmen director] would have loved to have his [Alan Moore's] involvement, because the book is so revered and its one of his favorite things in the entire world. Whether Zack would be involved in it again I don't know, he's pretty busy."

Of course, no one has spoken about making the Before Watchmen comics into a movie at this point, because a) they're not even out yet and b) the first Watchmen movie was not the massive box office hit that it was expected to be. Goode said he's curious to know more about Ozymandias' past whether it makes it to the big screen or not.

"I'm quite excited to see what they come up with," he admitted. "In some senses, my character was the one character where everyone else gets a bigger chunk of backstory. I'd quite like to know what was going on. See if I was right about some of the choices I made!"

Are you the least bit curious, like Goode, to see what Before Watchmen has in store? Or do you plan to ignore the books outright? Would you see a movie version?