Watered-down Skepchick

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May 24, 2006

Here's why I love the way Rebecca Watson writes:

Then one day I read an actual description of what homeopathy is. Imagine a neighbor you’ve known for a few years. He’s quiet and always says hello when you see him in the yard. Then one day the cops knock on your door and start asking you questions: have you ever seen him in possession of large amounts of hamsters? Do you hear strange “squeaking” sounds coming from his basement at night? Has he ever asked to borrow your wood chipper? You are shocked to discover that your quiet neighbor, who you never really gave a second thought, is bat-sh** insane. Your neighbor is homeopathy.

See? I would have said something pithy like, "Homeopathy is crap". I guess I don't have that Skepchick touch to my writing skills.

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