Waverly and Dolls show off a few new talents on Wynonna Earp episode 4

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Jul 1, 2017, 1:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't watched the latest episode of Wynonna Earp -- "She Ain't Right" -- then you should head on back to Shorty's, 'cause things are about to get real spoilery up in here.

Welcome back to the weird and wonderful town of Purgatory, where this week everyone is working on controlling their inner demons ... literally. Waverly is still fighting her new kleptomaniacal demonic possession, while Dolls is losing the battle against the panther-lizard-dragon demon that's eating him from the inside out. Fun for all!

Wynonna's relationship with Waverly is back in the spotlight this week, too, which is wonderful, as always. Wynonna hasn't been too focused on her little sister this season, since most of her attention has been on finding Dolls, but when she finds Waverly wandering around outside in the cold, she finally realizes that Nicole was right. There is something wrong with her baby sister. This relationship is easily the heart and soul of this show, and it's always better when the Earp sisters are working together to solve a problem. We get some of that this week, but mostly we get a very worried Wynonna who's afraid of what's happening to her sister.

Waverly spends most of the episode alternating between attempting to become a spy for Lucato and getting steadily more uncomfortable and frightened by the fact that she keeps losing time. She works on infiltrating a club in order to steal back a briefcase from a demon, and ends up trapped and forced to perform for the patrons. Last week we got cheerleader Waverly. This week it's lounge singer Waverly. I think we might just be going through a roulette wheel of the "special skills" section of Dominique Provost-Chalkley's resume. I am not complaining.


While Waverly is singing for her safety -- and to prove a point, naturally -- Wynonna discovers that her little sister is hiding Dolls in the barn and rushes him to Shorty's, where Doc and Rosita still haven't perfected the serum he needs to survive. Doc suggests they include Jeremy in the plan, since he's been so eager to help so far. Wynonna's not so keen, but Jeremy actually figures it all out for himself and the two of them split up. Jeremy goes to help Doc and Rosita with the serum, while Wynonna heads out to help her sister.

And it's a good thing, too, 'cause Waverly is in way over her head and there's no backup on the way. Both sisters end up tied up and unable to answer any questions about the briefcase they know nothing about, so this is as good a time as any for a heart-to-heart about all the goo-touching and time-losing Waverly has been doing the last few weeks.

They don't have time to get too deep, though, because this week's demon is back. He's got the briefcase with him, and he wants the combination, and he's ready to do whatever he has to to get it, including sticking Waverly's arm in a vise and cutting off her freaking hand.

Thankfully, the cavalry arrives in the form of Doc Holliday, with a chance to snag a new hat. He takes out the bad guys one by one, then turns his attention to helping Wynonna and the newly one-handed Waverly. Or … is she one-handed? Turns out demon possession is great for regrowing severed limbs.

Back at Shorty's, Dolls is the worst patient ever. He breaks out, steals the serum and takes all of it. Then he goes insane. His head is all volcano-y, there's a lot of screaming, his eyes are orange and reptilian. Dolls is back! Just in time, too, because that demon is back and he's really pissed. So is Dolls, though, and Dolls can breathe fire. You heard me.


With all the threats of the week taken care of, it's time for the real fun. Wynonna is finally confronting Waverly about her issues, but it's not Waverly talking anymore. It's the demon inside her, and she's not having any fun inside Waverly, so she's taking on a new host: Wynonna.

Next week is gonna be so interesting. Just how long do you think it will be before anyone realizes that's not just Wynonna in a particularly big party mood?


Random Thoughts:

I think Waverly -- or the demon inside her anyway -- might generate her own wind.

So, did the Women in Black steal the Gardner sisters' faces and wardrobes, or is this a skinwalker-type situation?

Speaking of the Gardners, is Tucker's request for a "girl" gonna mean bad news for Waverly or Nicole? He strikes me as the perfect combination of "likes to be dominated" and "thinks lesbians just haven't been 'done' right."

Is Dolls just gonna be able to breathe fire all the time now? 'Cause that could be really handy.

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