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Waxwork Records drops the needle on scary cool Dawn of the Dead vinyl set

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:19 AM EDT (Updated)

Completing a terrifying trio of George A. Romero zombie flick soundtracks, New Orleans-based Waxwork Records is set to spin out a deluxe new Dawn of the Dead vinyl score today that is poised rattle your nerves and assault your turntable.

The indie zombie classic was first released in theaters in 1978, (internationally as Zombi) and was written by Romero in collaboration with legendary Italian filmmaker, Dario Argento. It's the second installment of Romero’s timeless Living Dead Trilogy, and delivers a gut-shot of apocalyptic nightmares with the dead returning to life and seeking a smorgasbord of human victims.


This premium two-album LP offering is pressed on quality 180-gram vinyl and presented in a creepy-colored set meant to match the putrefying blue/green skin color of the Dawn zombies.

For the first time, fans can listen to the complete and expanded Goblin-composed soundtrack in the comfort of their own barricaded homes with the lights turned down low. Includes Waxwork's signature deluxe packaging, fresh retro horror artwork by Brazilian illustrator Butcher Billy, and a special 12”x12” art print.


Waxwork co-founder Kevin Bergeron considers Dawn of the Dead one of his all-time favorite brain-eater films and he's excited to finally release the full prog-rock soundtrack to George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

"This new release is the latest installment in our "Living Dead" soundtrack trilogy," Bergeron told SYFY WIRE. "It took lots of patience and research to really pull this new Dawn Of The Dead soundtrack album off. We felt strongly that all of the unreleased Goblin material needed to be presented on vinyl, and we poured ourselves into releasing the best possible product for such an iconic and important movie. It was also very important for this soundtrack release to actually look like something that could have existed in 1978. With the talents of Brazilian illustrator, Butcher Billy, we think we've created something very special. We'd like to think Romero would be proud!"


Goblin is the long-time Italian musical collaborators of the famed Argento and contributed the eerie, atmospheric tracks to the director's Deep Red and Suspiria.

Check out the ghoulish images in the gallery below, then tell us if you'll scoop up a scary copy for your collection when Waxwork's Dawn of the Dead score drops on Tuesday, February 20.

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