Image's Wayward to be adapted for new anime or live-action TV series

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May 17, 2017

Best defined as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a new generation," the Jim Zub and Steven Cumming creator-owned Image Comics series Wayward has been snapped up for development by Manga Entertainment.

Plans are for this quirky horror title to be adapted into either a live-action or anime TV series, with the creative pair enlisted as story treatment consultants and in charge of character and creature development .


“We are very excited to be working with Jim and Steven to bring the characters and world of Wayward to life for the screen," announced Manga Entertainment COO Jerome Mazandarani. "Jim and Steven have managed to create a truly unique high-stakes action-drama that feels fresh and authentic in its mixture of Japanese and Celtic mythology. We are very confident this story will connect with audiences across Asia and the rest of the world.”

The fantastical tale revolves around Rori Lane, an Irish lass with latent paranormal powers who relocates to Japan to be with her estranged mother. Mysterious supernatural forces called Yokai, Japanese creatures and spirits of legend drawn to teenagers saturated with budding occult talents, emerge upon her arrival. Lane must learn to develop and control these uncanny abilities to help save her friends and loved ones from some nasty mythological monsters.

"As soon as Jerome and I started talking about a collaboration, I had a good feeling Manga Entertainment would be the right place to develop Wayward," added Zub. "The crew at Manga intimately understand the anime market and have helped popularize some of the biggest brands in that space. As Japanese art and animation continues to go global, co-producing Wayward at a Japanese studio with Manga taking the lead is a natural choice.”

Wayward was first published in August 2014 and is still going strong as one of Image's most popular and acclaimed titles. Are you a fan of this imaginative title, and are you anticipating seeing it brought to life on the small screen?

(Via Newsarama)

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