Wayward Pines could actually get a second season, but it'll look very different

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Jun 29, 2015

Despite the fact that it debuted to woefully awful live ratings, Fox’s limited series Wayward Pines has become a bona fide hit thanks to DVR viewership. The network has noticed, and is actually exploring ideas for a second season.

Spoilers ahead for Fox’s Wayward Pines!

Deadline reports Fox is relatively impressed with the show’s overall performance in the summer months, not to mention the fact that it’s generated some solid critical buzz. After that abysmal premiere episode, the live viewership has only (mostly) gotten better, and DVR stats have remained solid. Though fans should be psyched to hear the ambitious concept series might actually return, there are a few problems.

The biggest? The series was first commissioned all the way back in May 2013, and it took more than two years to finally make it on the air. During that time, pretty much every contract associated with the series has expired. Stars Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino and Melissa Leo have all seen their options lapse a long, long time ago. If Fox aims to bring the series back, they’ll need to either cut new deals or retool the series with a new set of characters. According to the report, the network is considering the latter option.

After a creative slump the past several years, producer M. Night Shyamalan has actually landed a twist with Wayward Pines. Long story short: The series is set thousands of years in the future, in a small town that is the only remaining bastion of humanity. It’s a concept with a ton of options for exploration, and if Dillon & Co. choose not to return, you’d have to think Shyalman and the creative team could cook up a second season with a new angle. Fox is apparently meeting with the producers soon to explore options for another year.

What do you think? Would you like to see another season of Wayward Pines?

(Via Deadline)

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