We break down the first 17 supernatural minutes of The Gates

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

ABC put the first 17 minutes of its new supernatural series The Gates online. You can see it below and we have a short, spoiler-ish summary after that if you don't feel like watching.

In the first scene we see a contractor crash his truck after almost running over a kid in an exclusive, wealthy community called The Gates. The kid's mom, a seductive-looking Euro MILF, lures the contractor into her house. Enticing him into the kitchen for sex, she instead pops out some fangs and bites him. OMG, she's a Euro MILF vampire! Later she takes a shower to cleanse herself of blood, looking guilty and shamed the whole time.

Meanwhile, a family moves into the community: a guy who we learn is the new chief of police for the town. He and his family seem amazed by their new home, which, oddly enough, they've never seen before (not sure what that's about).

Back with the Euro MILF vampire, we see her rubbing some kind of cream or ointment on her legs, then one of her legs burns slightly for reasons we're sure we'll learn soon enough.

Then there is some boring school stuff and a shot of the chief visiting the high-tech police station. There the two deputies show the chief that the entire town is wired with cameras. And, oh look, they can see a recording of the crashed truck and the contractor going into Euro MILF vampire's house.

The male deputy wants to investigate, but the female points out the truck was later removed (conveniently while the cameras were down), so all seems well. Male deputy doesn't think all is well, as they have no report of anything and no idea where the guy in the truck is ... or where the truck is.

Cut to Euro MILF vampire visiting her new neighbor, who happens to be the chief's wife! The two chat awkwardly and we learn the chief was a homicide detective in Chicago and a bit of a workaholic. This alarms the Euro MILF vampire (because, you know, that means the new chief will investigate all the people she's probably been killing).

Then we cut to school, where the chief's son drops some heavy verbiage about wolves and lupus (i.e. WEREWOLVES!) and meets a cute girl named Andy. Andy then has an ambiguously weird moment with Andy.

Back at the police department, a missing-persons report gets filed for the contractor, so the police go to question Euro MILF vampire. She's hidden the contractor's truck in her garage and appears to be pouring blood into wine bottles when her Euro-trash-looking husband pulls up in his car. Oddly, the garage door won't work for him, and we see this is because Euro MILF vampire has hidden the contractor's car in her garage and cunningly disabled the door.

Euro-trash husband notices something is wrong with the garage door and goes inside to talk to his wife, who says she's not sure what happened to the door, then pours her husband some (regular) wine. He smells something wrong with the wine, then slams his Euro MILF vampire against the wall and pries her mouth open. He smells her breath and demands to know: "Where. Is. It?"

She says it's in the wine room, so by this we know he knows she's been siphoning blood from strangers into wine bottles. Then the police ring the bell and Euro-trash guy whips his head around unnaturally quickly to look, and by this we know he probably has some supernatural ability too.

And that's where the 17 minutes end. So far this looks like Desperate Housewives meets Being Human.