We break down the radness that is Captain Marvel's second trailer

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Dec 3, 2018

The first Captain Marvel trailer set a tone for what we can expect from this, the first Marvel film starring a female character -- EVER. It takes place in the ‘90s, as evidenced by the prominence of a Blockbuster Video, which our girl Carol Danvers promptly crashes through the ceiling of. She meets up with a young Nick Fury when he’s at an impasse in his life, noting, “I was about ready to hang it up.” She falls from the sky with only the traces of memories. We catch a glimpse of Monica Rambeau’s mother, a pilot who worked alongside Carol. We see Carol in space with Jude Law, who plays the Kree warrior Mar-Vell. Nick Fury tells her he can’t “do this alone,” and one assumes “this” is “punch Skrulls.”

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Oh, and -- our girl Carol ever so slightly punches an elderly lady. A lot of people were internet mad about that, but, honestly, let he among us who hasn’t punched an elderly lady in a tense moment be the first one to cast that stone. Besides, we’re dealing with Skrulls here, and Skrulls are infinitely punchable.


The new trailer begins with the elderly lady punching scene, but in this edition we get to see the lady’s deadpan reaction and her full-out attack of Captain Marvel, confirming what we already suspected -- this lady is a g-damned SKRULL. There’s a very short explanation that Skrulls are VERY BAD. Cut to Fury, who says, “You’re a Kree… a race of… noble… warriors…”

“HEROES,” Carol corrects. “Noble warrior heroes.”

This trailer is great and shows us a deeper glimpse at all the rad outer space fighting scenes we can expect. We see a surprise appearance by Annette Bening, who explains to her that they had saved her life when she had crash-landed. We see glimpses of a blue liquid flowing into Carol's arm, and fans of the comics assume she has been given a Kree blood transfusion. Bening's character explains that the Kree influence is what has given Carol her abilities and her new longevity, which could explain how the character will appear in Avengers 4, a film that takes place more than 20 years after the events of her debut, likely without aging much.


The trailer cuts between scenes of her past life on Earth, of which she seems to have scant memories, and her experiences off-world with the Kree, then to her attempts to uncover the secrets of her past in the present day (or the ‘90s).

In the “present day,” Fury and Carol hop into a jet, and he looks at her skeptically -- “You know how to fly this thing?” to which she responds, “We’ll see,” while flipping knobs like an expert. “It’s a yes-or-no question!” he says, and she responds, “Yes” as they take off.

We see our first glimpse of the Skrulls, which look absolutely perfect in all their creepy, inexplicably evil alien glory. The Kree/Skrull war is a constant companion to Marvel's more spacefaring adventures, and while they are obviously one of the major villains of Captain Marvel, there is still no word on what role they may play in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Carol gets a cut and bleeds green, which confirms that even a lot of the minor details of the story will follow the comics fairly well.

Also, Jude Law pops up in his Captain Marvel outfit, and he cuts a pretty cool image for someone who might not survive the first half hour of the film, if we’re to rely on his comics history. The original hero to bear the name, Captain Mar-Vell was killed in Marvel Comics canon, eventually replaced by Carol Danvers in the series which began in 2012. In the trailer, he appears to mentor Carol, chiding her that she’s not as strong as she thinks she is. It’s pretty darn endearing and could set up a close relationship for the characters, leading to her costume change later. Perhaps a way to honor her mentor?

Of course, recent speculation has led many to believe Law won't be playing Mar-Vell at all, following a leak from toy company Funko, which listed his vinyl Pop! figure as "Yon-Rogg," a name later changed to "Star Commander" in the official listing. In the comics, Yon-Rogg is also a member of the Kree force, but he is a villain and enemy of the original Captain Marvel.


Then, the greatest part of the whole trailer -- someone brings up war to Carol, and she declares, “I’m not going to fight your war -- I’m going to end it!” and it cuts to her flying around in outer space blasting alien spaceships, which is exactly the Carol Danvers we have come to know and love. Yes!

We’re super excited to see what role Maria Rambeau might play -- she is shown in flashback sequences of Carol’s time with the air force. Comic fans will recognize the Rambeau name from Monica, who took on the mantle of Captain Marvel for some time and even led the Avengers. A longtime fan favorite, the idea of introducing this character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lot of us on the edge of our seats.

Finally, a huge easter egg and moment of joy for fans of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s fantastic Captain Marvel run -- her cat Chewie! Nick Fury’s last moment onscreen in the trailer is him baby-talking Carol’s beloved cat. In the comics, Danvers carried Chewie all the way to outer space with her when given a chance, endearing every single cat owner on the face of the planet to her character. Chewie might have a different name in the film if rumors are to be believed, but -- yes! Carol Danvers is canonically the cat lady of the Marvel Universe.

Wow! This was great, and now we’re trying to figure out how to make it through 4 more months of waiting for this film to drop. The second trailer confirmed that this movie is going to be a hyper-fun space adventure in which Carol Danvers punches infinite aliens, and honestly -- we couldn’t be more stoked.

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