We catch up with the stars of Kingsman: The Golden Circle about... karaoke

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Sep 22, 2017, 5:35 PM EDT

The cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle may already be adept at wielding both weapons and bottles of booze with equal panache, but we caught up with them to find out whether they have what it takes to tackle one of the most daunting missions of all: karaoke.

Pedro Pascal, aka Whiskey, was brutally honest.

"I’m a horrible singer, but I do have one go-to, and it’s La Bamba. And I’m not singing it," he admitted to us at the film's red carpet premiere in London. "I don’t know why other people punish us with their karaoke as well. I’m sorry, all karaoke lovers, but it should only be left to the good singers."

Mark Strong, who plays Merlin, insisted he wasn’t fantastic either, but having heard him sing in Kingsman, we begged to differ.

"Well that’s from the movie; it’s 'Country Roads' by John Denver," he confessed.

Jeff Bridges, who leads the pack as Champ, head of the Statesman, tried to dodge the question altogether, even though you can’t exactly do that when you’re a legit singer.

"Well, I don’t do karaoke," diehard Beatles and Rolling Stones fan Bridges stated. "[But] I’ll tell you I’m working on a Beatles song right now, 'I’m Only Sleeping.'"

While La Bamba would probably clash with the soundtrack of the Kingsman sequel, something by the Stones would probably amp up all the action; maybe "Gimme Shelter"? Maybe "Sympathy for the Devil" could also factor in somehow, though that will always mark the seriocomic ending of Interview With the Vampire as Lestat drives off into the night.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle dawns this weekend, a year after former tracksuit-wearing chav and unlikely hero Eggsy Unwin saved the world. When the Kingsman’s headquarters are bombed, they join forces with the Statesman in the U.S., who pose as—what else—a distillery for bourbon. Gunfire, madness, and hilarity ensue.

Elizabeth Rayne contributed to this report.