We dare you to watch Make-A-Wish's sweet BatKid video and not feel emotions

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Jun 25, 2015, 3:52 PM EDT (Updated)

The story of San Francisco’s leukemia-battling BatKid, which captured the hearts and minds of everyone in November, is back — and we dare you not to shed a tear.

Though news outlets kept up with 5-year-old Miles Scott’s city-spanning crusade against classic Batman baddies like the Penguin and the Riddler, the Make-A-Wish Foundation embedded with the bat-team all day and has put together a heartstring-tugging mini-documentary about the event.

Miles’ story is an awesome tale of how a community can come together and make a kid’s seemingly unattainable wish to be Batman come true in the greatest way possible, and the sheer scope of this thing is positively incredible. The whole thing cost the city of San Francisco $105,000, and judging by the smile on that little guy's face, it was worth every penny.

Best of luck, Miles. Keep on battling. Now, where’s that box of tissues …

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)