We finally know the villain of the new Wolverine sequel, and he's not from Old Man Logan

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Oct 13, 2016, 3:22 PM EDT (Updated)

When it comes to the X-Men films, Fox has never really shied away from remixing the comic canon when they think it’ll better serve the structure of a film. Now, it turns out the villain for “Old Man Logan” isn’t actually from that comic story.

James Mangold, who is currently directing the upcoming Wolverine sequel Logan, has revealed actor Boyd Holbrook will be playing the character “Pierce” — who is almost certainly the evil cyborg Donald Pierce. The character has typically been a member of the Hellfire Club in the comics, and leads a group of evil cyborgs called the Reavers.

He’s gone toe to toe with Wolverine on occasion during the comic years, but wasn’t really a part of the Old Man Logan arc they’re loosely basing the film on. Still, he should make a solid adversary for Hugh Jackman’s weathered version of Wolverine in the actor’s final(?) take on the character. It's hard to gather much from the first look at Holbrook below, but we do dig the vibe.

The future-set Logan story follows a worn-down Wolverine (and a much older version of Professor X), reportedly living in a world where the mutant population is in decline. Buzz indicates it’ll be the darkest X-Men movie yet, with plans to more than earn its R rating. Having the claws shredding a team of bloodthirsty cyborgs should certainly do the trick.

Logan opens March 3, 2017.


(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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