We finally know what Netflix is cooking up for the new season of Black Mirror

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Sep 12, 2016

After Black Mirror became a breakout hit on streaming, Netflix stepped in to co-produce a new season of the anthology sci-fi series. So, what can we expect next from the modern-day successor to The Twilight Zone?

Showrunner Charlie Brooker sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the six-episode third season, and we’ve recapped the need-to-know stuff below. From A-list stars, to 1980s flashbacks, to biting satire about the social media landscape — Black Mirror will continue to have it all.

Here’s the breakdown on the six new episodes:

“Nosedive”: This one stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve in a world where every tiny social interaction is rated. Howard tries to figure out a way to rank as highly as Eve, but in classic Black Mirror fashion, things do not go as planned.

“San Junipero”: In an interesting twist, the typical near-future saga heads back to the 1980’s with this ep. Even better? it stars Halt and Catch Fire alum Mackenzie Davis (along with Gugu Mbatha-Raw) as new arrivals in a beach town. Brooker describes it as a “coming-of-age drama with a Black Mirror undertow.” Yeah, we’re intrigued.

“Shut Up and Dance”: This is one of the less overtly sci-fi episodes in the bunch, and will center on a withdrawn 19-year-old (played by Alex Lawther) who falls into an online trap and an “uneasy alliance” with another man (Jerome Flynn). They are both at the mercy of another player in the “kitchen sink nightmarish thriller.”

“Men Against Fire”: This ep will be set in a post-war future, following soldiers played by Malachi Kirby and Madeline Brewer, who are tasked with protecting a town from “vicious, feral mutants.” They likened it to The Walking Dead, though it’ll also examine drone warfare and how technology changes the battlefield.

“Playest”: The series tackles the world of video games in this installment, as a thrill-seeker played by Wyatt Russell meets a woman played by Hannah John-Kamen, who introduces him to a “mind-bending” device that is both sophisticated and terrifying. It’s directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane), which has us even more excited.

“Hated in the Nation”: This will be Mirror’s first-ever 90-minute episode, and draws inspiration from noir thrillers such as The Killing. The story follows a detective (Kelly McDonald) who investigates grisly murders liked to social media. Brooker said they’r examining “online rage” with this one, and promises it will take a “bizarre turn.”

The third season of Black Mirror premieres Oct. 21 on Netflix.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)