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We have a good feeling about this: breaking down the full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Apr 8, 2018, 11:46 PM EDT (Updated)

It's time to take your excitement for Solo: A Star Wars Story into hyperspace, because it is right around the corner. The film is due to premiere at Cannes on May 15th, and will then be released fully on May 25th. That is not that long to wait, and just in case it's still not enough to Snoke your Sheev, Lucasfilm released a full trailer for the film tonight. 

We still only know the basics about this new addition to the saga, but the new trailer is packed with character moments, action, and just straught up fun. Take a look at the trailer below, and then join us after the jump for a breakdown of all of the highlights. It should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway— if you don't want to be spoiled in any way for the film, don't watch the trailer, and stop reading this article. 

First, take a look at the trailer right here

We don't know about you, but dare we say it? We have a really GOOD feeling about this! All of the film's major characters get their moment— there's Han, there's Chewie, there's Qi'Ra, there's Beckett, there's L3-37, and there's even a little Therm Scissorpunch.

Solo Trailer 2- Han Solo

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


What exactly is Han Solo after in this film? The opening voiceover asks that very question, as Emilia Clarke's Qi'Ra questions the man himself. "You're after something," she says. "Revenge? Money? Or is it something else? You look good. A little rough around the edges, but good." Here's the other side of the conversation: 

Solo- Qi'Ra

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

She seems genuinely happy to see him. This continues to establish that Han and Qi'Ra go back a ways, and that the events of this movie reunite them. It also gives us three examples of what each of these motives might be— we see the masked antagonist from previous trailers, Lando (Donald Glover) and a big pile of credits, and finally, Han and Chewie looking longingly at the Millennium Falcon. We're guessing that's what Han is really after, but who knows for sure. 

Solo- Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany)

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


We finally get a glimpse of Paul Bettany's character, Dryden Vos. We're betting that he could be the target of the heist— Woody Harrelson's Beckett calls him a "big shot gangster" right before mentioning putting the team together. Whether Vos is the one putting the team together is not clear— Vos is either providing the credits for the job itself, or he's the mark. Either way, welcome Mr. Vos! Are you related to Quinlan, by any chance? Please say yes. 

Solo trailer 2- Lando drinks

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


There is a lot of Lando to be savored in this trailer, and it looks like Qi'Ra will provide the initial connection. Lando is in full gaming mode when Han first meets him, and this could be the big game where Han wins the Falcon. What matters the most here is that the cavalcade of creatures (seen in the cover photo) includes new Star Wars fan-favorite Therm Scissorpunch.

"Everything you've heard about me is true," Lando says, and we continue to be more than sold on Glover's Lando. Calling Han Solo "baby" doesn't hurt, either. Not one bit. 

Here's something we're curious about, though— does part of the "what you've heard" in Lando's line refer to his "little maneuver in the Battle of Taanab?" Most sources place that particular battle closer to the original trilogy, but with all of this new canon, is that detail up for grabs? If it is, has it already happened, or will it happen after this film? Could it happen during this film? We're getting sidetracked, but inquiring minds and all that. 

Solo- L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge)

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


We also get some good action from Lando's droid associate, L3-37, and finally hear a bit of the great Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Whether she's attacking a man, hitting herself in the head, being told to "let go of the mean man's face," or just exulting in her present circumstance, we are very excited about this droid. 

Solo trailer 2- Falcon over village

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


We get a fair amount of Tobias Beckett, and he really seems to be in full Solo-mentor mode. Not only does he give Han his signature Heavy Blaster Pistol in one shot, he imparts some sage wisdom— "Assume everyone will betray you, and you will never be disappointed." That's some tough Thala Siren milk to swallow, and knowing Han, it's a lesson he forgets every now and then (cough Lando cough). We already know what Beckett looks like, so we we put up a photo of one of the many cool Millennium Falcon moments instead. 

Solo trailer 2- Han in cockpit with good feeling

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


Han clearly has not gotten Beckett's message, because either before of after he receives that advice, he gives us a new spin on a Star Wars classic. Instead of the old faithful rendition of "I have a bad feeling about this," an unexpectedly upbeat Han gives us the first ever iteration of the line's reverse. Smiling at the controls of his beloved Falcon, Han says "I've got a really good feeling about this." Han Solo...the optimist? We can't take it. 

Solo trailer 2- laser knuckles

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


Whether Vos is the mark or the benefactor, it looks like he will get pretty upset at some point. He breaks out an even nastier look, as well as what appears to be a set of laser knuckles. We haven't seen a weapon like this in Star Wars before, and we're not complaining. If we had to guess, we'd say that Vos ends up being the primary antagonist by the end of the film.

Solo trailer 2- Chewbacca with mate

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


There's also the Chewbacca of it all, and wow is it great to see him so soon after The Last Jedi. We see Chewie (Joonas Suotamo) lovingly saying farewell to another Wookiee, and something is telling us that this could be the first on-screen (canon) depiction of Chewie's wife, Mallatobuck, also known as Malla. Though she was de-canonized after the Star Wars Holiday Special, the Aftermath trilogy of canon-novels brought her back, as well as Chewie and Malla's son, Lumpawaroo. Among the plentiful (and delightful) banter between Chewie and Han, we also get Chewie taking the Falcon controls for the first time, and revealing his age. For a being who is 190 years old, he definitely looks great. 

Solo- The Falcon in flight

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


- No Hutts in sight, but that could be something that they are saving for the movie. 

- No mention of the "Kessel Run" either, though the planet seen in the above image looks like it could be the inhospitable Kessel, first seen on-screen in the premiere of Star Wars: Rebels

- There are a lot of extensions of scenes that we've already seen in the previous teaser and trailer, including that fight on the mag-lev train, Han and Lando in furs, and TIE Fighter space battles. 

- The trailer opens with a glimpse at a rundown city, and we'd really love this to be Corellia. Or not. We just want Corellia in the film. 

- There are even more extreme close-ups of controls, as well as engines flaming and burning. It seems like Ron Howard and company are really leaning into the "Hot Rod" aspect of these ships and speeders, and that will provide a different (yet very exciting) look at how they operate. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens on May 25th. We know we've said it multiple times now, but we're going to say it again— we've got a really good feeling about this. 

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