We have a theory about the big Flash, Arrow, Legends and Supergirl crossover this year

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Sep 22, 2017

The creatives teams behind The CW’s corner of the DC universe are hard at work figuring out how to bring all four shows together for the next epic crossover — and we have a theory. Or two.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Flash star Grant Gustin teased that after fending off an alien invasion last year, this new crossover “will hopefully be more fun” and made clear it won’t be “impending doom necessarily that brings [everyone] together.” This time, it will “hopefully be a more fun reason” to get everyone from Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl together in the same scenes. Supergirl star Melissa Benoist teased the crossover will “make a lot of fans happy” with two events that fans will “lose their minds about.”

They’ve done a good job of keeping the story under wraps, though one huge event we do know will be happening this season on The Flash is the wedding of Barry and Iris.

Yeah, these two:



Their nuptials could certainly be an event big enough to bring the teams together to celebrate, and that certainly qualifies as a “fun” reason. Plus, once everyone is assembled it’d be the perfect time for a fresh crisis/event that requires a whole lot of superheroes to resolve. Heck, maybe Reverse-Flash decides to come out of the ether to crash the wedding? 

Regardless, the Iris/Barry wedding certainly seems like the most obvious option, but there are some flaws with the theory. Namely, previous reports that Supergirl will be at the center of the crossover. If it’s Barry’s wedding, why would Kara play such a critical role? Sure, it’d be pretty great if she was in the wedding and goes on a bridesmaids’ adventure with Iris (feel free to steal that idea, by the way, CW), but that doesn’t really feel like the direction they’d be taking the story. Even if they totally should. Perhaps the other event Benoist teased is something Supergirl-related, which takes place in tandem with the wedding?

Or maybe we’re totally off base and it has nothing to do with the wedding? No matter what, it’s a whole lot of fun to prognosticate. The CW’s superhero slate returns the week of October 9. Give us your best theory on what we might see in the crossover below.

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