Killjoys 3.7 recap: The truth of Dutch and Aneela's connection

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Aug 11, 2017

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

It's not quite Athena springing from Zeus' head courtesy of Hephaestus' axe, but it's pretty close, right?* It's also kinda brilliant from a story perspective, and if it is true, it dovetails rather neatly into my theory that Dutch and Aneela are going to team up to take out the Hullen Big Bad in Season 4.

The episode as a whole drew some new boundaries, and answered a lot of questions to help set things up for the last three episodes of the season. So let's discuss those boundaries and questions, shall we?

The Aneela/Dutch Connection Explained

Dutch being willing to try this whole experiment is a good indicator of just how off-kilter she is, but how can anyone be mad when it ends up giving us some of the most compelling scenes we've seen to date on the show?

So now we know ... more. Dutch was born of Aneela. How is still somewhat unclear. How can Aneela give a memory a physical form? And her comment about Khylen being Dutch's father; are we talking literally in a direct DNA sense? Or more of a philosophical sense? So many questions.

Right now we know Aneela is technically Dutch's mother, but she doesn't remember who Dutch is because Khylen removed those memories. But he also stored those memories, and because of his connection to D'avin the Remnant was found. We also know Khlyen was trying to figure out how D'avin's connection to the Green worked, and that Aneela and D'avin are the same. D'avin's not as skilled at using his abilities as Aneela is, but could he somehow be the key to pulling Aneela back from the brink? And what caused Aneela's addiction to the Green, anyway?


"No one can ever know what you've done, or she will come for you." Khylen calls her The Lady. Aneela also mentions her to Khylen, and tells him The Lady says he's not to be trusted. So who is The Lady? Is she the leader of The Hullen? Hive species tend to have female queens, so it would make sense in a way.

We also get a look at the pre-Hullen Khylen. The one who loved his daughter and wanted to give her the moon (okay, a planet) in the form of a new world and a life that didn't include the politics and planet-wide decline of Qresh. Both he and Aneela thought Arkyn would be a paradise, but things went terribly wrong, didn't they?

Aneela's addiction to the Green is what ultimately turned her into what she, is and now we know he was trying to cure her. But what else does he have to hide? And is everything he's doing to protect her as he says it is?

The Cleansed

First of all, I love that we get Fancy fighting with (and conceding to) a woman. I also love that Killjoys treats soldiers and RAC agents like soldiers and agents, regardless of gender. It's a small thing, but these things matter.

Secondly, I'm glad Fancy was given the apology he most definitely was owed, and it's good to see The Cleansed given a second chance. Maybe the Quad had to be threatened by a mass-murdering parasitic species for that to happen, but it happened.

Once again, however, Turin ends up being the asshole and that really needs to be dealt with at some point. He's losing his cool as a leader, he's paranoid, and he's making moves on his own. My guess is he'll either need to get his head straight or we're going to lose him. He's in lock-up for now, but do you think he'll stay there?

Leader D'avin, aka The Tit Whisperer**

Dutch is right. D'avin is the leader now, at least in terms of the fight against the Hullen and all military operations related to that. One of the things he's got a better handle on than anyone else is his ability to both delegate and trust those people he's delegated to. Let's face it, that hasn't been anyone's strong suit up until now. 

But D'avin becomes that leader, and it happens in a totally believable and organic way, which is a testament to both the creative team and Luke Macfarlane.

Zeph and Johnny

Honestly, I have to write about these two together because they're adorable. Not only are they going head to head as nerds, but they're both doing it for the same reason -- to protect Dutch. How they go about it is decidedly different, but the intention is the same. In the end, they gain more respect for one another, but you also get the feeling that they'll work with one another to help Dutch instead of going it alone in the future.

Individually they also had some great moments. Kelly McCormack has managed to make Zeph both likable and arrogant, which is no easy feat. For his part, Aaron Ashmore proved once again just how generous an actor he is. He's got a knack for making everyone he's in a scene with look better, and he still keeps things real and authentic. Maybe it's the recovering actress in me, but it's so rare and it's so nice to watch.

Also, hello John Jaqobis with guyliner, where have you been all my life?

Random Thoughts

"I Zephed all over his Jaqobis. I Zephed on it hard."

Garet. I love Garet. I love how shy he gets when he's flirted with.

"I love you, Dutch, but you don't get to shoot me twice." 

Final Thought

Hannah John Kamen has been amazing this season. So many different emotions and situations and characters, and she just knocks them out of the park each week. We have three episodes left this season, and it's looking like they are going to be pretty amazing, so I hope you'll come back next week and we can do this again?

See you then!

*I asked Michelle Lovretta if this was intentional and she says it wasn't, but I still think it's pretty cool.

** That whole exchange may be one of the best of the season. The writing on this show is so smart!