We may know who Del Toro, Pace and Gillan will play in Guardians

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Jul 8, 2013

After keeping relatively mum on the castings of Benicio Del Toro (The Wolfman), Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies, The Hobbit) and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) in Guardians of the Galaxy, we now know just which characters the actors will play in Marvel’s 2014 summer tentpole.

A "solid source" from the big Marvel movie has revealed to Den of Geek just which characters the trio of actors will play. Since filming is currently underway in the U.K., it was about bloody well time, too.

So without further ado ...

Benicio Del Toro will be playing the Collector. This Marvel character is billions of years old and is a protector of the universe the way he sees fit. He can also somewhat see the future and foresaw Thanos—the big bad villain behind last summer’s The Avengers and the character we thought Del Toro was set to play. Also, he collects stuff.

Lee Pace will indeed be playing Ronan the Accuser, a member of the Kree (an alien race). Ronan’s got a few nifty superhuman powers and was originally a villain, but with an occasional heroic side.

Karen Gillan will play Nebula, a blue-skinned villain and space pirate who also claims to be Thanos’ granddaughter.

There you go. These are assumed to be the big bad villains of Guardians of the Galaxy. Taking bets on who may possibly err on the side of good by movie’s end?

(via Den of Geek)

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