We never got flying cars, but here's the flying bicycle you never knew you wanted

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Jun 12, 2013

Well, at least this is a little closer to Jetsons-style living.

We're still not zipping high above a gleaming metropolis in our flying sports cars, despite decades of sci-fi making us wish for it, but now we've got something almost as good. 

Three Czech companies recently collaborated to produce an electric flying bicycle, which took off in a Prague exhibition hall Wednesday and flew for five minutes via remote control, with a dummy standing in for a rider. The 209-pound bike featured six battery-powered propellers (two in the front, two in the back and one on each side). Flights with a human in the saddle may follow someday, but according to technical director Milan Durchek of bicycle frame manufacturer Duratec, more powerful batteries will be needed before the bike can produce enough propelling power to support a human's weight.

So, no flying cars yet, but given enough time, these companies might make the Tour de France a hell of a lot more interesting.

(Via Yahoo!)

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