We predict who will live and die in Avengers 4

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Dec 7, 2018, 12:01 PM EST (Updated)

You've all seen Avengers: Infinity War, right? If you didn’t, now is the time to turn back. There are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead! Okay, you have been warned.

If you're reading on, chances are you know the reason everyone looks shellshocked as they leave the theater. (Truth: we're still not over Peter Parker. He didn’t want to go.)

Of course, now's the time to consider who we think will live and die in the second film. Will it be called Avengers Forever? Maybe. Will our favorites come back? We’ll give you a breakdown. (Admittedly, some of these weren’t in the film, but we’re speculating anyway.)

Will Adam Warlock come out of his golden shell and help like he does in the comics? Will Ant-Man and the Wasp sacrifice themselves to save everyone in their film? Are our heroes in the pocket universe inside the Soul Stone? Will we see Tyrion Lannister…ahem… Eitri, again? Will all the originals exit stage left for a new generation of Avengers? No matter what happens, it’s going to be a long year while we wait to find out!

Who do you think will survive Avengers 4? We encourage you to shoot us your opinions in the comments or tweet them to us @SYFYFangrrls

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Captain America, Steve Rogers beard

Captain America

Please don’t hate us, but we're pretty sure Cap isn't making it out alive. The theme of his entire history is self-sacrifice. Remember the whole throwing himself on the grenade thing? We’ve all heard the rumors that Chris Evans is done and as sad as that is, thematically it makes sense for him to go. Though he says that we don’t trade lives, it’s pretty clear that he’d give up his especially long one to help save the world. If he dies saving Bucky, however, the internet is never going to get over it.

So, if Cap goes, what happens next? Well, someone else will take up the mantle. (It happens a lot in the comics.) It would be interesting to see if Bucky takes the title or if Falcon does. Heck, they could share it, though we kind of love Falcon as his own superhero. Either way, Steve Rogers is finally going to have his dance with Peggy Carter. Okay, now our eyes are leaking and we’ve only just begun.

Thor, Infinity War


While it’s certainly possible that we’re going to lose a lot of the classic Avengers in the second film, Thor might hang around for a bit longer. He gives us the fish out of water/outsider perspective that allows us to laugh at the foibles of humanity. We’ll see him again for a bit after Avengers 4, and then he might head off to build a new Asgard. At least, we’re hoping.

But after seeing his team-up with Rocket, we’re not ready for him to go. Plus, if we get a female version of Loki (see below), the interaction will be worth another film. That said, if he does go maybe we can finally get Beta Ray Bill!

Hulk, Thor: Ragnarok

The Hulk

The big green guy was taken down pretty early by Thanos, and now he doesn’t want to come out to play. Bruce Banner was having a really rough time in Infinity War without his greener half. It’s unlikely, though, that the Hulk is going to be taken down in the second film. Sure, we could see She-Hulk (and that would be pretty amazing), but the Hulk is such a staple of the Avengers.

Chances are we'll see Banner and Hulk coming to terms on Avengers 4 and he’s going to be around a while longer. There is also the possibility that we’ll lose Bruce into the Hulk, which would allow another actor to take over. 

Iron Man in Flight

Iron Man

We're starting to think that we won't see Tony Stark after the next film, especially since Robert Downey Jr. has been playing this role for a decade now. He started the whole thing with Iron Man. It’s time.

Though it’s hard to imagine the MCU without his snarky comments (which were pretty much perfect in Infinity War), there's the likelihood that Tony will sacrifice himself to save Peter Parker. (My heart!) Our guess is that the single winning outcome Doctor Strange envisioned for humanity is going to rest on Tony, who will have to overcome his PTSD to save the world. We’d love to see an alternate universe where he and Pepper have very beautiful children, but we’re not betting on it. Hey, maybe we’ll get Riri Williams to take on the mantle of Iron Man!

Black Panther, T'Challa, Infinity War

Black Panther

There is no way that T'Challa is a goner. He may have dissolved, but his movie did so well that he’s coming back without a doubt. There would be a fan uprising if that wasn't the case, and we'd definitely see you there.

We also know that a Black Panther 2 is on the way. This is as it should be. Wakanda forever!


Black Widow

Of course Natasha will survive Avengers 4. She's got a solo film on the way! Black Widow is powerful without superpowers and her story has barely been explored. Sure, the standalone flick could be a prequel, but we’d rather just see Johansson kick all the ass.

We suspect Natasha will serve as a bridge between the old guard of Avengers and the new ones. It’s also important to keep at least one Avenger who is powerful without superpowers or magic.


Scarlet Witch

Wanda's going to survive Avengers 4, mostly because it would be odd to take out the few female Avengers we have. Plus she proved herself to be one of the strongest of the group in Infinity War. Her powers leave the door open to a lot of possibilities in future films.

After that all-female Avengers fight against Proxima Midnight, we’re definitely hoping that the lady-centric Avengers film rumor might end up being a reality. (Something that didn't survive this film, though: her accent. Did Thanos kill it?)

Infinity War, Vision


There's certainly a chance that all the work that Shuri did on Vision might allow him to come back in a different form, but our guess is he's gone for good now. It would be sad if that’s true. We barely got a look at the romance between Vision and Wanda.

In fact, Elizabeth Olsen joked at the Infinity War press conference that she and Paul Bethany would love to see their relationship explored in a “really domestic” indie version of House of M. We’d really like to see that as well, but our prediction is that Vision is done for.

Avengers: Infinity War- Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange will survive. The Sorcerer Supreme opened up the MCU to magic, and there is so much more to explore with him. It’s possible that someone else could take up the role, but Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t going anywhere.

We actually suspect that he’s going to take Tony Stark’s place as a leader with the Avengers. Shuri could head up the science and tech department, but Doctor Strange will be the boss everyone loves to get mad at. 

Infinity War Spider-Man


Peter Parker will not die. Aside from the fact that fans will storm Marvel headquarters if Spidey’s heartbreaking ending is really the end, there is no way anyone would consider killing Spider-Man. Not when the very young Tom Holland has more films in him.

There is the possibility, however small, that we could see the Miles Morales version take over, but it’s not going to happen right now. Whatever happens in Avengers 4 regardless is going to change Peter quite a bit, though.

Avengers: Infinity War- Sam Wilson (Falcon)


Falcon is staying. He, like Bucky, could take on the Captain America mantle, but he’s honestly awesome just the way he is. 

Bucky Barnes, Infinity War

Bucky Barnes

Bucky is the strongest candidate to take over for Captain America, especially after all the hurt he caused as the Winter Soldier. It’s a chance for redemption and to honor his friend’s memory. Also he can't die until he finally gets to eat his plum!



No way they’re killing off Okoye! She uses a wig as a weapon, you guys. Let's be real: she could probably take out Thanos by herself. 

Avengers: Infinity War- Shuri


No. Do not take our Shuri from us. Do not. She is our woman in STEM, our Disney Princess, our brother-teasing, quick-witted lady of science. She cannot go. She has to take over the Black Panther mantle at some point. She was the standout character (alongside Okoye) in Black Panther. She cannot die. Thanos cannot have you, Shuri!

Black Panther M'Baku


M’Baku’s demise at the end of Avengers 4 is something we're not even considering. In fact, it would be surprising to see anyone from Black Panther go. That’s not to say that no one from Wakanda will die, but it’s doubtful.

Plus, with all the memes about the hotness of M’Baku, it would be an odd choice to kill him off.


War Machine

War Machine is, in all likelihood, going to be taken down. Narratively, his loss might be too much for Tony Stark, leading him to be more prepared to sacrifice himself. (It’s possible that someone else will take over the title, and we’d love to hear who you think it might be.)

Avengers: Infinity War- Gamora (Zoe Saldana) snapping her fingers


This is a tough one. The Guardians have been crazy popular, and we’re all invested in the Gamora/Star-Lord relationship extravaganza. However, in the comics, the roster of the Guardians does change, and Zoe Saldana does have all those Avatar films coming up.

This one is about a 50/50 chance either way. Our gut says she’s really dead. Our gut is mean. 



Star-Lord is sticking around for a while. There’s a third Guardians film on the way, and Peter Quill is the lead. It breaks our heart that he and Gamora might not trade snarky comments forever and ever, but it would certainly change the tone a bit if he’s grieving. It might give the franchise a whole new direction. If Drax survives, he can help Peter through his grief. 



Drax is sticking around. His reactions to things are priceless, and if he and Mantis don’t end up having weird little babies that read your mind but also take things literally, we will revolt.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2- Mantis (Pom Klementieff)


It’s possible that they could kill off Mantis, though if Drax sticks around we predict she will as well. It would be odd if they killed off two female members of the team, and Mantis is a fan favorite. Also, those potential babies. 

Rocket Raccoon, Infinity War

Rocket Raccoon (a.k.a. Rabbit)

We want to see a Rocket and Thor buddy movie. Make it happen, Marvel! Rocket is so much a part of the Guardians that it would be shocking if they killed him off. Plus he's finally opening up his heart a bit more. He gave Thor an eye (from his butt, but still) and doesn’t correct the God of Thunder when he calls him Rabbit. There's too much character development still to come from Rocket. We don’t think he’s doomed yet.

Groot, Avengers: Infinity War


Not leaving, though in our twisted brain, he dies in the next film and then re-spawns from the handle of Stormbreaker. Then we’d get a new Baby Groot and who doesn’t want to see that? He can appear at the end of the Thor/Rocket buddy film. 

Avengers: infinity War- Loki with Tesseract


The trickster was taken down early in the film, but it would be pretty surprising if we don’t see him in some form or other. However, we might not see him in the form of Tom Hiddleston.

Here's a suggestion: the character could come back as a woman, as Loki does in the comics. The relationship between Loki and Thor has been pretty played out in the films after the shiny Kirby-fest that was Thor: Ragnarok, and as much as we love Hiddleston in the role it would be pretty great to see a female version of Loki messing with everyone.

Strange And Wong


The interaction between Wong and Doctor Strange is just too good for the writers to kill him off. If we're wrong and they do kill Doctor Strange, then he might have an expiration date as well.



Pretty sure poor Heimdall is dead, as sad as that is to say. Especially now that Thor can summon the Bifrost with Stormbringer. We're still mourning this one.



Nebula could go either way, depending on whether or not Gamora really is dead. It would be interesting to see her assume a bigger role in trying to take down Thanos in Avengers 4, though, especially after what Gamora did for her and the growth within their relationship.

Pepper Potts, Iron Man 3

Pepper Potts

Not sure about this one. She could go out with Tony, or she could live on.

If she and Tony have a goodbye scene, there's no doubt we'll be requiring tissues. If she does stick around, she might be there to help mentor whomever inherits the suit.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in The Avengers

Nick Fury

It would be surprising if they killed off (again) the guy who is started putting the team together. We’re going to see him in the Captain Marvel film (as a younger guy), but Nick is too important to take down.


Maria Hill

She’s probably coming back as well. In fact, we're predicting that she and Nick Fury will be a big part of the new Avengers team going forward. Just please give her something to do, for once


Captain Marvel

The possibility that the first female lead in a Marvel film is going to get killed off is slim to none. Carol's solo film (which is set in the '90s) is coming out before Avengers 4, and it will be interesting to see if the Kree part of her will keep her from aging. Captain Marvel is sticking around—especially after the reaction her after-credits scene got in the theater.



There's every possibility—if we even see him, that is. He was discussed in Infinity War, but he didn’t make an appearance. It will be interesting to see if he shows up as a cameo in Ant-Man and The Wasp. If he does, what happens there would help determine if he’ll survive Avengers 4. He’s sort of a disposable character, though we'd rather see him happy on the farm with his wife and kids. 



We’ll know more when Ant-Man and The Wasp comes out, but we find it hard to believe that anything permanent will happen to Scott Lang—unless, of course, we’re going to give the Wasp a solo film of her own.


The Wasp

Like Ant-Man, the Wasp has the chance now to become a big part of the future of the Avengers. Plus, as we've seen so far, the Quantum Realm could be an important part of what we going to see in the future of the MCU.