We took a haunted tour of Jim Henson Studios for Netflix's Curious Creations and met a murderous Muppet

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Oct 19, 2018, 2:21 PM EDT (Updated)

I do not have a domestic bone in my body. The new Netflix series The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell sounded fun — domesticity in the form of monsters and creepy-crawlies — but not something that would keep my attention for more than an episode or two. But then I found out there were Muppets in the show. That changes everything.

The Curious Creations is based on Christine McConnell's popular Instagram account, in which she bakes tasty treats that look like they could take a bite out of you. The show, a co-production with Wilshire Studios and Henson Alternative, takes the typical baking show to the next level by mixing in Muppets. Murderous Muppets.

For Curious Creations, McConnell has taken in some Muppets, which include Rose, a raccoon; Edgar, a werewolf creature; and Rankle, a mummified hairless cat. While McConnell maintains the appearance of a vintage-clothed domestic goddess, she also encourages her pets' perversions, making the show the perfect blend of creepy, weird, and (almost) family-friendly entertainment.


To celebrate the series premiere, SYFY WIRE and a handful of other press members were invited to the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood. The studio space originally belonged to Charlie Chaplin, and many of the buildings are over 100 years old. To start things off on a spooky note, we were given a tour, complete with stories about hauntings over the years. Most of the tales involved doors opening and closing on their own, doors becoming locked from the inside, reports of a mysterious woman in a huge hoop skirt skulking about, or the sounds of children's voices when there were no children on the lot.

One particularly sinister story took place in what used to be Chaplin's office, now Brian Henson's office. Henson's assistant, Gigi, was at her desk just outside the office when she heard the door to the attached bathroom open and shut. Henson was not there, and when she called out, no one responded. She went to investigate and found the door shut. When she opened the bathroom door, steam poured out. Unsurprisingly, Gigi left for the day.

In another story, a security officer was on her first day on the job and sitting in the break room when she felt a pressure on her chest that prevented her from moving. She screamed, and when she could finally get up, she walked out the front gate and never came back.


Photo credit: Jesse Grant/Wilshire Studios. 

After the tour (on which I did not find any ghosts), we got to watch an episode, in which McConnell's Muppets kidnap their neighbor and only release him when it means it will delay them getting sundaes. Then we met McConnell and Rose while snacking on some of her creepy treats: mini caramel apples; Halloween cupcakes; mummies-in-a-blanket; and goat cheese canapes that look like ghosts.

McConnell grew up watching The Munsters and lived on the Addams Family movies from the '90s, which most certainly inspired her creepy take on baking. But she'd never baked a single thing until 2012. "I am entirely self-taught," she says, admitting that YouTube was where she learned to bake. McConnell admits her "eyes almost bugged out of my head" when she found out the Henson Company was interested in doing the show with her. "Netflix was my first choice because I wanted the show to be dark," she admits.

Rose — the rambunctious, sarcastic raccoon who lost her hand in the garbage disposal, and now has a fork in its place — was far less diplomatic: "The other networks were too chicken s***!"

When asked why she enjoys murder so much, her response was, "Why don't you like murdering?" which pretty much sums up Rose in a nutshell.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell is a cute twist on your typical baking show. It offers tasty treats, a little bit of scripted story, and twisted Muppets. It's the perfect show to binge while you stuff yourself with leftover (or not-so-leftover) Halloween candy.