We answer questions about our new site—plus a design update

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The new SCI FI Wire is live, and we're excited about the possibilities. But we know some of you have questions about what we've done and where we're headed, so we've cobbled together some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new Wire.

Thanks to all who wrote in, and please keep the e-mails and comments coming!

I'd like to be able to see more stories on the main page.

We agree and are working on a revised layout. Here's a screen shot of what it will look like.

How come you are publishing fewer news stories?

We're publishing as many news stories, if not more, than we used to, and we plan to add even more. That will be easier to see with the revised layout.

Why did you add opinion pieces to the Wire?

We had opinion pieces in our old format, and readers liked and responded to them, so we're experimenting with more and different kinds. (Although they receive the most negative comments of all the stories we do, they also receive more positive comments, are the most widely read stories on the site and have the most comments overall, so taken as a whole the message from our readership is clearly in favor of them. For those that don't and will never like them, see the next answer.)

Can you separate the opinion stories from the news stories somehow?

Great idea. We're working on it.

What happened to the content I used to read in Science Fiction Weekly, such as reviews and columns?

New content that would have gone into Science Fiction Weekly will be added to SCI FI Wire, although in some cases the format may change.

Will you still be publishing columns by John Clute, Wil McCarthy and Michael Cassutt?

Yes, their columns will appear in SCI FI Wire. We're working on making their new pieces easier to find. For now, Wil can be found here, while Michael is here.

Will you still be doing Top 10 lists and polls?

We're discussing bringing both back in some way, though the format will likely change.

Why did you become a blog?

We don't consider SCI FI Wire a blog in the traditional sense of the word. (Boring technical note ahead: SCI FI Wire is a news site that used to be run using a homegrown content management system that had grown outdated and was not worth upgrading. We're now running the site with blog software because it does the same thing in a better way, it's more flexible and it's easier to use. But SCI FI Wire is first and foremost about news and will continue to be.)

I've been having some trouble with the RSS feeds.

The RSS feeds had a few bugs we found after we launched. Most of the bugs have been fixed, and we're working on the rest. If you're still having problems, please send us a note and we'll look into it. You can reach us here.

Some of the categories don't have content in them yet.

They will soon, as we add stories that fit into those categories.

When is your iPhone application going to be available?

Very soon. We're just waiting for Apple to approve it, and then it will be in the Apps store.