We just saw the 1st terrifying teaser for the new Godzilla movie!

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Dec 17, 2012

Just moments after the end of the Pacific Rim presentation at the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures showcase in Hall H at Comic-Con, Legendary head honcho Thomas Tull sprang a full-blown surprise on everyone: a teaser for Godzilla!

The short teaser starts with scenes of utter devastation, destroyed cities, huge black clouds of debris and smoke, and a solemn voice intoning Hindu scripture: "I have become death, the destroyer of worlds."

Then we hear that roar ... !

There's another shot of a massive cloud of dust, and then we see the vague outlines of a long tail, those famous spines and finally the monstrous head as it opens its mouth and bellows that iconic roar one more time before the screen goes to black and one word comes up: Godzilla.

The whole thing is infused with dread and horror—in other words, this is not going to be an oversized iguana leaping around Manhattan and chasing Matthew Broderick.

Tull briefly brings out director Gareth Edwards (Monsters), who has been handed the keys to the Godzilla kingdom, and Edwards says that that the ecstatic response to the teaser from the crowd almost brought him to tears. He also promises that his Godzilla won't be a joke—his version will examine how exactly the real world would respond if a 400-foot-tall fire-breathing monster cut a swath of doom across the Earth.

No release date yet, but now you know officially: Godzilla is coming!

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