The Piranha 3-D footage Comic-Con didn't want you to see

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

What would make the people in charge of San Diego Comic-Con stop a filmmaker from showing footage to the packed Hall H? That's what two long lines full of people waited to find out on Thursday night.

The makers of Piranha 3-D were told they couldn't screen R-rated footage to the convention attendees—so they booked the Regal Horton Plaza theater instead. The cast hung out with the people waiting in line, and Jerry O'Connell even passed out the 3-D glasses.

So what was so R-rated that it wasn't suitable for Comic-Con's family audiences? We saw all the bloody fish kills and naked boobies, and this is only in the 10-minute highlights reel. Director Alexandre Aja promises they have much more good stuff when the film opens on August 20. But spoiler alert if you don't want to know any surprises.

A topless girl. No, a REALLY topless girl

You've seen the gag where a cable snaps and slices through a victim in horror movies before. Piranha 3-D wins for using the cable to slice through a bikini babe's top. Unfortunately, as soon as the top pops open, you also see her entire top half flop into the water.

Bitten below the belt

The men get their share of fish-bite violence. We won't spoil who, but somebody gets a piranha bite right in the junk.

Girl-on girl-skinny dipping

Okay, here's what probably got the movie banned from Comic-Con. You can show all the violence you want, but Kelly Brook and Riley Steele caressing each other underwater wearing nothing but flippers is too much. Steele says she really held her breath that whole time. That's what they call acting.

Rescue mission goes wrong

When you see two good Samaritans carrying a woman out of the water, it looks like a good rescue. This poor piranha victim splits in half, leaving each of the rescuers spilling her guts on the beach.

An Inglourious Basterd hosts a wet T-shirt contest

Eli Roth continues his acting career after the Oscar-nominated Inglourious Basterds. In Piranha 3-D, he's spraying thronged asses with a hose and dousing white tank tops until they're see through. He also refers to the girls as "weapons of masturbation." What, you can't say masturbation at Comic-Con?


One poor swimmer gets her lovely blonde hair caught in a speedboat propeller. That doesn't stop a panicked sailor from attempting a getaway. When he starts the motor, it pulls her face clean off her eyeballs.

Water trampling

When the panic starts and all the partiers try to get out of the water, some of the humans cause more violence than the piranhas. Speedboats drive over helpless swimmers. If you didn't like the idea of Eli Roth's wet T-shirt contest, you might be pleased that he gets his comeuppance when his head is crushed between two speedboats.

A hot girl pukes in your face

I don't know if puke is R-rated—but it sure is gross. Making tasteful use of the 3-D effect, they've got a girl barfing over the side of a boat, right into the camera, and therefore right in your face.