We won't have to wait long to see that Primeval spinoff New World

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Dec 17, 2012

Remember that Canadian Primeval spinoff called New World we talked about last fall? Well, apparently it's already all set and done; ready-in-the-can, as they say. And we'll get to see it later this year. Probably. Mostly. Depends on where you live. Fingers crossed?

The 13-episode series—which will also follow the anomalies-and-dinosaurs-filled adventures of a new ragtag group of people made up of a "younger, sexier" cast—has apparently finished filming in Vancouver (the home of such popular genre shows as Supernatural and all three Stargate series).

So when will this new show air? According to Digital Spy, Primeval: New World (which has been described as "older, darker and scarier" than its predecessor, with a bit of crossover action promised) is all set to air in the U.K. on Watch later this year and will also be shown in Canada on SPACE (they are behind this new Primeval spinoff production, after all), probably around the same time.

So we can expect New World to be shown in the U.S. roughly by the end of the year, right? Let's hope so.

Back in October, Primeval co-creator Tim Haines explained the concept of Primeval: New World as such:

"It's a spinoff. Imagine CSI—so the people in Miami do it, the people in New York do it. Essentially, anomalies start appearing on the northern latitudes, and they've got to cope with it. And there is a little bit of crossover in the first episode, and then we'll see how it goes after that. Mostly they'll be getting on with it themselves."

Back in May of last year, Andrew Lee Potts, who plays Connor in the original ITV series, wasn't sure of his own involvement in the future of the original U.K. show (which has yet to receive a series-six order, by the way):

"Primeval deserves to carry on, and I hope it does," he said. "As for mine and Hannah's [Spearritt, who plays Abby] involvement in that, we're not entirely sure."

So are you guys excited about Primeval: New World?

(via Digital Spy)

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