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Apr 6, 2008

I just got back from LA a few hours ago, and even with a nap I'm still pretty tired. Way way too much happened to blog about easily. But here's a quick rundown:

We wrapped principle shooting on Skeptologists yesterday (Saturday). It was a whirlwind five days, and it was fantastic. It was amazing how rapidly and easily the six of us on the cast got along and became a team. Of course, through various means we mostly knew each other from previous ventures, and that helped. We went from not really being sure how this was all going to work (typical for a pilot!) to having a living, breathing show in just a few days. I can't speak for the others, but it really looks like we all had fun and could easily make this a viable program.

I have tons of pictures and such -- wait until you see the places we went to shoot! -- but until I can find my camera battery recharger you'll have to wait (I know it's around here somewhere). It's also not completely clear how much we can say about the show and what we did, but I can tell you that in my opinion, we have a really good show on our hands. Now we just need to convince a network of that...

While I was there I hardly had any down time at all, but I managed to spend an evening with Wil. That's a whole story in and of itself, and while I'm not the type to eat cottage pie and tell, I will say that we had a great time, and he is every bit as cool and personable as he seems. Sometimes folks you really respect online can be still manage to be very cool IRL. And he can manage to sign two books quicker than I can sign one. I have resolved not to be in any sort of contest with him ever again. Losing twice is all I can bear.

I had other friends in LA I wish I could have seen, but we were exhausted nearly every night and had to be ready for the next day bright and early. It'll be a while before I think I can catch up on my sleep...

... and I certainly won't get my chance tonight. Tomorrow is the start of the Conference On World Affairs, and that will be the second straight week of awesomeness in a row for me. While I was at Denver airport today coming home from LA, I coincidentally met up with Randi who is attending CWA, as well as my buddy Andy Ihnatko. Hal Bidlack and Denver Skeptic organizer Elaine Gilman are dropping by in a few minutes as I write this too, on their way to see Randi tonight, so I need to wrap this up and get my life in order.

Now that I'm back home, I'm hoping to get the blogging back on track as well. There's a lot of stuff going on, and this blog's not gonna write itself.

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