Webb chimes in on when we'll meet J. Jonah Jameson (but who will play him?)

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Apr 22, 2014, 11:52 AM EDT (Updated)

Though Amazing Spider-Man 2 goes a long way toward establishing the major players in the Spidey-verse, there’s still one stalwart missing. So, when will we meet the new J. Jonah Jameson?

Director Marc Webb chimed in on the question during a recent Google+ Hangout appearance promoting the sequel, and admitted that they have a tough job ahead of them to replace the original Spider-Man’s version of Jameson, played by J.K. Simmons. Previous director Sam Raimi absolutely nailed that casting choice, and Webb knows those are big shoes to fill.

Webb teased that we’ll probably meet his version of Jameson in Amazing Spider-Man 3, though he has no clue who they’ll choose to take over the role:

“I like the idea very much of him coming up in the next film. It was more easy to accept a new Spider-Man than somebody who could out do J.K. Simmons in that role, he is so iconic. That's something we've really talked about. Obviously I love that character because he poses such an interesting dilemma for Spider-Man. The answer is I don't know, but I think you can expect to see him in the future.”

Honestly, we’d have to agree. It took a bit of getting used to for Andrew Garfield to take over the web shooters, but putting anyone else behind that Daily Bugle desk just seems like blasphemy. 

So, who on Earth do you think should play the new J. Jonah Jameson? 

(Via Movie Web)

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