Webb finally explains why Mary Jane was cut from Amazing Spidey 2

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Jul 25, 2013, 9:46 AM EDT

We’ve heard all about how Shailene Woodley was dropped from Amazing Spider-Man 2 at the last minute to save Mary Jane for future sequels, but now director Marc Webb has finally opened up about why the decision was made.

In an interview with Crave Online, Webb finally explained why the footage Woodley shot for part two will never see the light of day. The main reason? She took away from Gwen and Peter’s love story, but he absolutely loves Woodley — so there’s still a chance she might not get recast, after all (assuming her schedule lines up).

Here’s the excerpt from the interview:

“It wasn't [cut]… The character was just teased. It was a very minor inflection, and I felt it was important to really focus on Peter and Gwen's storyline. It was hard, because I love Shai. I think she's such a brilliant actor and such a lovely, wonderful warm person. That was hard, and having her presence in a movie is great, but I thought it was important to focus on Peter and Gwen. I'm excited to see Spectacular Now, though.”

Seeing Webb explain it, and knowing all the characters they’re already threading into this film to expand the universe, it makes sense they’d want to save Mary Jane and give her storyline some space to breathe in a future flick.

Are you glad Mary Jane will get left on the cutting room floor, or were you looking forward to meeting the new version of MJ?

(Via Crave Online)