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The Week in Geek: Daredevil and Michael Myers and Chuck Wendig but not Iron Fist

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Oct 19, 2018, 1:15 PM EDT (Updated)

It may be more than two weeks into October, but this is definitely the first week that autumn really snapped up what was left of the cold air. That's pretty spooky!

But having to wear an actual for-real-for-real coat isn't the only spooky thing happening right now. There's also the news. Are you ready? Here they are, the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


Matt Murdock is back. Did you think he was dead? That would be pretty wild considering Daredevil is still probably the most popular of the Marvel Netflix joints.

Anyway, Matt ain't back alone. There's Foggy and Karen getting bigger, more robust, maybe even more butt-kicking storylines. Of course, I think we're all excited to see Vincent D'Onofrio return as Kingpin. Fisk has been absent from the Daredevil world for a minute (although, we did enjoy him in the PS4 Spider-Man game).

Of course, there's also the debut of Bullseye. That's exciting. And even though reviews so far have accused the latest season of being sluggish, people will likely tune in for all of Murdock's costumes and crosses and very bloody fistfights in the streets.

David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN

It's been 40 years since the original Halloween was released. In the intervening decades, there have been direct sequels, completely unrelated sequels, Rob Zombie remakes, Michael Myers cults, Paul Rudd, Busta Rhymes, and enough alternate timelines to make even the most ardent horror fan's head spin like they were in a completely different franchise.

Side note: We succeeded in watching all 10 Halloween movies. You can read the story (and witness our slow mental breakdown) here.

But this week, Halloween gets a new entry where the only movie that still "counts" is the original. And, gosh, it is very good and very scary. You might've guessed that, though. Horror queen Jamie Lee Curtis returns for the first time since Halloween: Resurrection and no one has to think about, y'know, Halloween: Resurrection.

It's also looking to be very successful. Halloween might even muster up $70 million in its opening weekend. That would've been the highest grossing opening weekend in October ever if not for Venom. Gosh, Venom and Michael should do one of those Freddy vs. Jason-type movies!

I kid, I kid. But Halloween is in theaters now, and you should probably see it before someone ruins any of the surprises because there are a few great ones.

Caroll Spinney Oscar the Grouch

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Since 1969, puppeteer and performer Caroll Spinney has been the person to bring Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch to life. Big Bird especially, is probably one of the most important and seminal figures in every child's life. He's taught us how to draw and count and face death... he was even there for us when Jim Henson passed.

But now Caroll Spinney is hanging up his birdie boots and his trash can. And, shortly after that, two new performers will take over these two iconic roles that shaped the young lives of so many of us. And, as happy as I am that Spinney is leaving on his own terms and selecting his own successors, it still somehow feels like losing Jim all over again. I'm not sure there are appropriate words to fully describe Spinney's legacy, honestly. But his kindness and his ingenuity are something we'll be celebrating for decades, maybe even centuries to come.

shadow of vader


Bestselling author Chuck Wendig has been a pretty important figure in the Star Wars universe since its latest franchising. His book Star Wars: Aftermath introduced one of the very few out queer characters in the history of Star Wars.

And, partly due to Aftermath's rousing success, Wendig had a 5-issue Star Wars comic series coming out, Shadow of Vader, with another, as-yet-untitled comic being released after that.

Not anymore, though. You see, Wendig was fired. According to the public-facing end of Disney/Marvel, his firing was due to the profane nature of his language on Twitter. Wendig, however, has emails stating that it was his politics that got him canned.

Y'see, folks, ol' Chuck has the audacity, the sheer, unmitigated gall to not like Nazis and white supremacists. And also, he used swear words, oh my!

Yes, slightly like James Gunn before him (although Gunn said much worse), Wendig fell a gang of alt-right ding dongs pester Disney/Marvel to fire Wendig until someone crumpled like an empty Capri Sun.

It's a pretty ugly precedent brought on by someone(s) powerful who, I guess, are pretty scared of our pretty ugly society. Anyway, this is basically saying that even vocally resisting will net you a boot in the butt and a showing of the door.

Shadow of Vader has been completely removed from the schedule. Shame. On Disney, I mean. Maybe Wending ought to make a Suicide Squad comic or something?

Iron Fist Finale 1


Yep. After what was deemed a marked improvement to Season 2 from its first season, Iron Fist will not return for a Season 3. I don't think I was alone in being genuinely excited for more Iron Fist, either. There were actual think pieces about Season 2's plot rather than a plethora of stories about how problematic the show was (imagine that!) this time around. Colleen Wing has the fist! Danny's off seeking one of the original Iron Fists! Alice Eve rules, as per usual!

This has raised a lot of questions, some related to the characters from Iron Fist, some about the future of Marvel at Netflix in general. After all, we know all those Disney/Marvel movies are eventually headed to that big Disney streaming service in the sky.

But Netflix's Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, has been pretty insistent that everything is cool. "[Netflix Marvel] shows are for us to cancel, and we're super happy with their performance so far," is what he's said.

Hopefully, that means some of these storylines will continue elsewhere. Maybe Iron Fist can be replaced with a Daughters of the Dragon series, question mark, question mark?

Anyway, that's it. The Week in Geek. It's over! Go in peace, but, bundle up before you do because it's getting cold out there! We'll see you right back here again next week!

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