Week 1: Lost questions answered, new questions raised!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Did Lost deliver? Was the ABC series' sixth-season premiere last night everything you were hoping for? Did it delight and horrify, make you sad and thrilled, and fill you with answers and questions?

For us the answer is "Oh, yeah!" Lost, you are so worthy! Below, in boldface, we've inserted the answers to some of the 100 questions we raised last week. This is the first of our weekly stories in which we will fill in the answers as they come up.

Of course, damn you, we've got another 23 brand-new questions buzzing around in our heads, which we've also posted below! With luck, all of our questions will be answered by the time Lost comes to an end in the spring.

For now, the big two-hour premiere, "LA X," did not disappoint us and managed to do exactly what the producers had promised. The Losties finally all made into one time, but ended up with alternate (we're guessing) versions of themselves ... one set Not Crashing and landing in Los Angeles clueless AND another set continuing on after the blast has blown everyone into the present and set them on a course (we're still guessing) to an all-out war between Dead Jacob/the Survivors/the Others and the Man in Black/New Locke/the Smoke Monster!

As promised, each week we'll scour the new episodes for answers to our 100-plus questions and post those along with the NEW questions each episode poses. But we need your help to make sure we don't miss anything, so please comment with the questions and answers you've come up with that we missed.


110. Now that everyone is in the same time, are there two alternate universes?
111. What's that about?
112. How did the Non-Plane Crash World island end up under water?
113. What happened with the explosion, and how did Jack's group get blown into the present day, but after the hatch exploded?
114. In Non-Plane Crash World, why did things change on Flight 815 for the passengers, like Hurley being lucky instead of cursed?
115. Why was Desmond on the flight, and where did he vanish to?
116. Why did Charlie "plan" to die?
117. When Miles does his psychic thing in Post H-Bomb World and tells Sawyer that Dead Juliet was trying to tell him "It worked," why about to go to war with New Locke/Man In Black/Smoke Monster, who we'll call Smokey Locke?
118. When it comes to Non-Plane Crash World, what's up with the bag full of money Jin is trying to sneak into the country?
119. Why do the Temple Others freak when they learn Jacob's is dead?
120. Are Smokey Locke and his Smoke Monster alter-ego badass, or what?
121. Why does Ghost Jacob want Hurley to save Sayid?
122. Where's Jack's dad's coffin in Non-Plane Crash World?
123. Will Non-Plane Crash World Jack be able to fix Locke's spine so he can walk again?
124. Will Kate escape?
125. Will Claire have her baby in LA?
126. Will she give him up for adoption?
127. Smokey Locke tells Ben, "I'm not a What. I'm a Who." Who is he?
128. Where is the "home" Smokey Locke wants to go to?
129. What did Smokey Locke mean when he told Richard Alpert it was good to see him out of "those chains"?
130. Why did Smokey Locke knock out Richard Alpert and kidnap him?
131. Why was Smokey Locke "disappointed" in everyone on the beach?
132. How was Sayid resurrected after even the Others thought he was dead, and what does that mean for him?


1. Who is Jacob? Apparently he's a ghost now, along with possibly being God. Maybe. ("LA X") More to come ...
2. Is he good or is he evil? The jury is still out, but he certainly seems gooder than Smokey Locke. ("LA X") More to come ...
3. How old is Jacob? Pretty old, since he seemed to be around when the Black Rock was sailing. ("The Incident") More to come...
4. What's up with the Man In Black (MiB)? The theories that he was actually the Smoke Monster were right, and we found that out in very dramatic fashion when New Locke transformed into the Monster and smoked Jacob's Bodyguards under the four-toed statue. However, we also discovered that what he really wants is to "go home."
5. Why does he need a loophole, and which one did he find? It's a guess, but we're thinking the loophole might be that Smokey couldn't harm Jacob himself and needed a human to do the deed. More to come...
6. Why does the MiB hate Jacob?
7. Is Jacob really dead? Yes, but apparently he's still a factor in this chess match, since he appeared to Hurley and told him he/Jacob was actually dead and to take Sayid to the Temple to save his life. ("LA X")
8. Is Locke dead? Our Locke is alive in the new Non-Plane Crash World. However, he's dead in the old Post H-Bomb World, according to Smokey Locke. In fact, he filled Ben in on all the details of what Locke was thinking as he was dying when Ben strangled him. Nice touch, that one. ("LA X")

9. Is Juliet dead? The blast didn't kill her, but she did die trying to tell Sawyer that "It worked." (As in setting of the bomb, dudes!) But we're guessing she'll show up somewhere in the Non-Plane Crash World as well. ("LA X")
10. Did Jughead really blow up when the screen turned to white? Yes. ("LA X")
11. Why would the other survivors follow Jack's crackpot plan to reset the present?
12. Seriously, who says yes to blowing up the island to restart time anyway? And aren't all the surviving Post H-Bomb World Survivors just kicking themselves now 'cause things have so not gone well for them since the big blast? ("LA X")
13. Did time reset and keep the Oceanic 815 from crashing? Yes, but not without changes and possibly alternate universes going on here. Apparently the island is under the water in Non-Plane Crash World. And yet the surviving Survivors and Others are running around dealing with the fallout of the bomb explosion and Smokey Locke's newfound vengeful power. ("LA X")
14. Will Juliet and Sawyer find each other again if it did? Yep, but she died (sniff) trying to tell him it worked. ("LA X")
15. Will Kate and Jack finally get their act together and find true love?
16. What kind of damage would an explosion from a hydrogen bomb create? Apparently it threw the surviving Survivors into an alternate present. ("LA X")

17. And what the heck does any of this have to do with the survivors?
18. What's the deal with the four-toed statue?
19. If it was really a statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret, why was it built?
20. Who broke it?
21. Why did Jacob live beneath it?
22. What happened to Ben's friend Annie?
23. Why does Dr. Pierre Chang use aliases?
24. What's the Smoke Monster? It appears the Smoke Monster is going to become the Big Bad of the season. The morphing monster seems to be some sort of evil force that can apparently take any form, such as Dead Locke, and possibly posing as Alex, when she told Ben to do whatever Locke says. In fact, we're guessing there's more to come when we find out that this Big Bad has been messing with everyone since the beginning. And one more thing ... as Smokey Locke tells Ben, he's not a "What." He's a "Who." And we discovered that he "wants to go home." ("LA X")
25. Why does Smokey have a taste for some people and not others?
26. What's up with the ash around Jacob's cabin? One of the others used the ash (which may be something other than ash) to try to protect himself by pouring a circle of the stuff around himself when Smokey went ballistic and smoked the gun-toting Others under the four-toed statue. We also saw the stuff being poured at the Temple when those Others freaked after finding out Jacob was dead (which likely means they knew their protection against Smokey was gone). We're guessing this is going to be important in battling the Big Bad this season, since guns aren't going to work against him. ("LA X")

27. Who broke the ash circle, and what does that mean? Don't know who, but we're thinking it's bad. More to come... ("LA X")
28. How was the cabin able to change locations?
29. Why did Jacob stop using the cabin? This might have something to do with the ash circle being broken. More to come ... ("LA X")
30. Why did the Oceanic Six have to go back?
31. Why did Miles decide to stay on the island?
32. What's up with the blast door map?
33. What happened to Claire? No word yet when it comes to Post-H-Bomb World, but in Non-Plane Crash World she's in a cab and being kidnapped by an escaping Kate.
34. Why did psychic Richard Malkin insist Claire raise Aaron?
35. What's up with Claire's implant?
36. Who is Richard Alpert really, and why doesn't he age? According to Smokey Locke, Richard was in chains at some point, and so we're guessing he was a prisoner who became a good guy for Jacob ("LA X") More to come ...
37. How or why does the island heal people?
38. What's going on with the pregnancies?
39. What's the deal with Christian?
40. Why doesn't he just go off and be dead and leave Jack alone?
41. Who are Adam and Eve, the skeletons found in the caves?
42. What did the black and white stones on their bodies mean?
43. Why did DHARMA and the Others allow Rousseau's distress signal to continue to be transmitted?
44. Are Hurley's numbers really cursed? When the bomb went off it must have lifted the curse, considering Non-Plane Crash World Hurley says he's "luckiest man alive.". More to come... ("LA X")
45. Why is Walt special?
46. Why did Walt warn Locke not to open the hatch?
47. What happened to Walt in Room 23?
48. Why did Walt appear to other survivors dripping wet?
49. Why'd they kill off Charlie? We liked Charlie!
50. Will Charlie be back? He's back! In Non-Plane Crash World, Charlie was saved by Jack after nearly choking to death on the plane. ("LA X")
51. What's up with Libby?
52. Why was she a patient at Santa Rosa?
53. Why did she end up in Australia and on board Flight 815?
54. How much did it suck that Libby was killed before Hurley could get lucky?
55. Where does the donkey wheel come from?
56. How does it work?
57. How did Desmond get his clothes blown off after the hatch implosion?
58. How did Locke and Eko escape?
59. How did Penelope know to look for a magnetic anomaly?
60. Why is Ben so weird?
61. Who's on Jacob's list, and what does it mean?
62. Why did Jacob diss Ben by not communicating with him while he was leader?
63. What's up with the Temple? Apparently the Temple's waters healed Ben as a child and, as we saw in Post H-Bomb World it saved Sayid, who came back to life at the end of "LA X". There are also a gaggle of Others living there who are freaked out by the news that Jacob is dead and start fortifying the Temple. ("LA X") More to come ...
64. Why does Ben say that the Temple is for Others only?

65. Does the Monster have a connection with the Temple? We're guessing yes, considering everyone's reaction at the Temple when they learn that Jacob is dead.
66. Was the ship that Jacob and the Man In Black see sailing the Black Rock?
67. How did the ship end up in the middle of the jungle?
68. What happened to the crew?
69. Why is the ship's log important to Charles Widmore?
70. What are Widmore's plans for the island?
71. Who built the Lamp Post?
72. How did Eloise become the caretaker of the station?
73. Does Widmore know about it?
74. What's up with Charles Widmore, anyway?
75. Does he suck as a dad, or what?
76. What happened to the people the Others kidnapped? Apparently some of them became others, as well. ("LA X" and past episodes)

77. What's up with the whispers?
78. Who's whispering?
79. Why did Jacob go touch each of the survivors in the past?
80. Why were these survivors chosen?
81. Why didn't Jacob try to protect himself when Ben stabbed him? Smokey Locke told Ben that Jacob knew he was beaten, but we think there's more to it than that. ("LA X") More to come...
82. What is Ilana's connection to Jacob?
83. What favor did he ask of her?
84. Why did she order the cabin to be burned?
85. How much does she really know about the island?
86. What is Frank a candidate for?
87. Why did the supply drops continued after the Purge?
88. How do they find the island to make those drops?
89. Who is Henry Gale really, and how did he break his neck?
90. Who buried him?
91. Why isn't the island done with Desmond yet?
92. Who did the glass eye belong to, and why was it left in the Arrow?
93. What's up with the trouble between Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore?
94. How did the feud start between Ben and Widmore?
95. What are the Rules?
96. How did the death of Alex change those Rules?
97. Why did Ben strangle Locke when he mentioned Eloise Hawking?
98. When Jacob says "They're coming," just before he dies, who are the "they"? We're guessing the Others, maybe. ("LA X") More to come...
99. What's up with the guitar case Jacob gave Hurley? It had a large wooden ankh in it, that the Japanese leader dude (Dogan) broke open to reveal a paper which apparently contains the names of the Survivors, which kept the Temple Others from shooting them. ("LA X")
100. What's up with the dog?
101. When Jacob and the MiB were talking on the beach, what did he mean by "It only ends once. Anything that happens before that... is just progress"?
102. Why does Richard Alpert use eyeliner?
103. Is the island a flying saucer or Atlantis, as some commenters propose?
104. Why didn't Sun and the others travel back in time with Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurley?
105. How did Ben get back on the island when Widmore couldn't?
106. Will Sun and Jin ever get a chance to live happily ever after?
107. Will any of the survivors get a chance to live happily ever after?
108. Will the Smoke Monster get a chance to live happily ever after? We hope not. More to come... ("LA X")
109. Will we be satisfied with the way Lost ends?

What questions do you want answered?

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