Comic-Con, Nathan Fillion's PSA, Batman cameo and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

If you missed any stories this week, consider this edition of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments as a DVR for Blastr. Captured here in your queue are stories on Comic-Con exclusives, Conan pics, Star Wars veggies, Captain America, Batman cameos and Nathan Fillion's PSA about ... your ass. Enjoy!

Our story: 15 drool-worthy exclusives we'd kill to get hold of at Comic-Con

Your best comment: That Master Chief looks like a pewter figurine. Platinum is not the best colour on a Spartan. — Weapon X

Our story: 13 sexy new Conan pics are like a Frazetta painting come to life

Your best comment: "like a Frazetta painting come to life"....?

Okay, let me be frank about Frank;
Frank Frazetta was one of the most dynamic artistic talents when it came to depicting sword & sorcery fantasy. His evocative style and powerful action scenes are the quintessence of the genre.
Frank Frazetta`s work is AMAZING.

He`s only been dead a little over a year...
Can we please not cheapen this artist`s work by likening it to a summer movie promo ? — CORMAC

Our story: Pro sushi chef carves 10 Star Wars figures out of vegetables

Your best comment: As a food service industry professional I am in total awe of this guys work. As a Fangirl: OMG! I gotta know how he did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Alyssabeth

Our story: Infographic shows Harry Potter and Star Wars are really the same

Your best comment: It's called a literary archetype. Joseph Campbell stated that all stories (modern and ancient) all share the same basic structures. The comparison between Harry Potter and Star Wars is used often in English literature classes to show this. — Tamara

Our story: Villains rule and romance rocks 13 new Captain America pics

Your best comment: Am I the only one who wants a pair of those red-gray suspenders for my blue jeans? — JediTerminator

Our story: Brent Spiner wants YOU to help him get cast in Star Trek 2

Your best comment: Bring him back as Data, why not? They could say that he incorporated an aging chip into himself so that he could not only experience emotions via his emotion chip but with his new aging chip he can also finally experience what it's like to grow old; certainly a part of being human that Data would want to explore. Btw, in case anyone can't tell, I am joking. — Riceball

Our story: 11 most ridiculously overpowered superpowers in sci-fi history

Your best comment: They left out the ultimate power. Telekenesis. Pretty much any other power except invulnerability can be overcome if you can cause a nice brain embolism or heart attack at a distance.

Superman:"I'm here to save the day!"
Telekenetic weanie: "Hmm. Let's just hold that aortic valve open for a sec here (passive valve so superstrength doesn't apply)."
Superman:"Wha...Gurk. Thump." — dkulze

Our story: 5 despised superheroes who might actually make great movies

Your best comment: What they've done with Squirrel Girl is what I'd had in mind for Razorback had I continued working on the Marvel novels. My dream scene would have had Razorback and the FF meeting Doctor Doom, and Doom totally ignoring Reed, instead saying something like, "So, Razorback, my worthy adversary, we meet again!"

Ah. Good times... — Steven York

Our story: Rumor of the Day: OMG! [Redacted] is making a Dark Knight cameo

Your best comment: West probably won't have the time to film a cameo. His job as Mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island is keeping him pretty busy. — DoctorWhat

Our story: Fox responds to Prometheus rumors by releasing official synopsis

Your best comment: OK, if that synopsis isn't the most pathetically generic combination of words I've seen in years, I don't know what is. It says NOTHING about the Prometheus film. It could describe literally DOZENS of films.

"The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits..." Seriously?

I'll start the list:
Lost in Space

...I could go on, but it's time to pop some firecrackers... — i1patrick

Our story: Nathan Fillion would like a word with you about your ass

Your best comment: Well what do you expect, don't game on a leather couch. Cloth only guys and remember guys cotton sweats for those long gamming session. Your jeans will thank you later. — Chris

Our story: 7 superheroes who aren't doing nearly enough to save the world

Your best comment: "You know what would save more lives than a year's worth of smacking the Wrecking Crew in the face? Bringing a few paltry billion of that booty down to Midgard"

It's the rareness if gold that gives it its value, suddenly introducing that much gold into the world market would substantially lessen its worth. — robertT

Our story: 11 stunning (and strange) versions of the Game of Thrones theme

Your best comment: This might be a bit out there but...

Am I the only one who would like to hear this theme done by a Japanese kodo drum company like Kodo or Yamato?

I'd definitely prefer that to the accordion version. — Noemad