Dark Knight's new pics, Ford's new Wookiee bitch and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

The cream has risen to the top, allowing for another installment of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. The past seven days has given us new pics from Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, Superman and Avengers. Also, Trek gets a new theme park, Ford fights with Chewie, Love gets hated on and more!

Our story: Tom Hardy as Bane set pics reveal Dark Knight Rises spoiler

Your best comment: Is it wrong that I'm more horrified by the bad cut-off jean shorts on the guy in the blue shirt? Terrifying... — Tritium

Our story: 3 revealing Game of Thrones season 2 set pics

Your best comment: Castle Rock in our world, Casterly Rock in theirs... nice symmetry — Mischa

Our story: Does new photo prove a rumored villain is in Dark Knight Rises?

Your best comment: I don't know, Talia, Ras, Bane AND Catwoman, all in one movie.... My Spider-man 3 overcrowding the villains and trying to do too much in one movie sense is tingling.
Although, I suppose when most people mindlessly kiss your butt, eventually you start believing the hype and expect audiences will eat up whatever you serve, even if it's utter garbage - and there's every possibility that's exactly what will happen.
Frankly, I think The Dark Knight's success, sadly, relied too much on Ledger's passing, combined with his adept work on the movie, which was about all it had going for it.

It should be interesting to see what kind of train wreck this movie turns out to be. — stargazer1682

Our story: 1st official pic of Henry Cavill (in costume!) as the Man of Steel

Your best comment: Next week on Jersey Shore, Superbro comes a knockin. — Josh

Our story: Paramount spoils Captain America final scene and teases Avengers

Your best comment: These days, after the first week, you can spoiler a movie because someone out on the web has already done it. At least in this way you can control the spoiler. — Don

Our story: Image of the Day: What happens when stormtroopers fight redshirts

Your best comment: This isn't just a dig against Star Trek, ya know. It's a dig against disposable infantry-types in both franchises. The Stormtroopers miss everything they shoot at. The red shirts are cannon fodder. Seems 100% accurate to me. — asocalguy

Our story: Enjoy Torchwood while you can: another season may take a miracle

Your best comment: Could be worse - They could leave it on the air but move it over to Fox. — Austin Tatious

Our story: 1st official Dark Knight Rises pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Your best comment: Her lipstick isn't going to be Ultrawhore Red the whole time is it? — Nat Q

Our story: Jordan's King Abdullah building $1.5 billion Star Trek theme park

Your best comment: Please check your info before posting ... the project is an investment between an American, UAE, and a Jordanian company.

And if you are talking about the economy, such a project would be a great boost for our economy, as it will increase the country's income form tourism, and would provide hundreds of work opportunities for Jordanians. — Tareq

Our story: Matt Smith wants as many Doctors as possible back for Who's 50th

Your best comment: An episode with all of the living actors to have played the Doctor would definitely be bigger on the inside! — J

Our story: Annoying S.H.I.E.L.D agent from those Marvel movies gets OWN movie

Your best comment: This article title made me think there was a feature film announcement. Don't play games with my heart, Blastr! — gabby

Our story: Jennifer Love Hewitt most panned actress of past 25 years

Your best comment: This article just makes me sad. Are we really wasting time researching how "bad" someone is? Or, I should say, how bad others (specifically critics) perceive that person to be? I won't get into who we or Hollywood deems as "good" or "bad" in their acting ability, but this is a direct attack on an actress whom, no matter what her career choices, seems to be a lovely and genuine person. What a terrible waste of time to be starting such a negative coversation that has spawned wickedly injurious comments about which no actor or actress seems safe! I would hope we can all just wish these actors the best and if they don't inspire you, don't watch. Let's be kind.

It's what Nathan Fillion would want. — Cfornia

Our story: Harrison Ford tells Chewie: 'Daniel Craig's my Wookiee bitch now!'

Your best comment: Ford just B-Slapped the "Get a Life" Award right out of Shatner's hands. — Matthew

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