Great newspaper headlines, Trek's TV death, SF's women and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

NEW IN THE NEWS! Crazy newspaper headlines! World war with Matthew Fox (and zombies)! Enterprise and Trek's TV death! Hathaway haters (and lovers) speak out! Apes screws with canon! Inappropriate superhero poses! The best SF or fantasy book ever! More exclamation marks!

Our story: 24 wild and crazy newspaper headlines from sci-fi movies and TV

Your best comment: The Daily Planet papers recently sold at an auction at Wellers in Chertsey. They went for almost nothing and featured in the first 2 Superman movies. — Ponkle

Our story: New set pics prove Matthew Fox IS in World War Z after all

Your best comment: I think the REAL question is, what's behind that hatch he's standing in front of? — JJ

Our story: 6 strangest and often unnecessary examples of CGI in sci-fi films

Your best comment: 'Jackson had the sense to realize that the videogame-looking ape in King Kong was pretty goofy."

What are you talking about? The King Kong ape was breathtaking and the only good CGI in that mess. However, not one ape looks real at all in the trailer of "Rise", it's so bad I have zero desire to see it and I even paid to see "Battle for The Planet Of the Apes"! — Justsayin

Our story: 8 controversial comic book movie castings that actually worked

Your best comment: I once read that prejudice seldom survives experience. This board would be the exception that proves the rule.

I didn't buy Michael Keaton in any dramatic role until I saw the woefully under appreciated "One Good Cop." He has what most great comic's have and that is a wounded capacity for violence that permeates the close shots in Batman and still overshadows Mr. Bale's intensiity and voice.

Sadly, I think the drive to nail emotionally-intense roles took Mr. Ledger to a place he couldn't come back from. In my ripe old age, I try to be open to new experiences. Some times you get a kick to the nethers (The 300) and sometimes you get a wonderful surprise, (Downey and Paltrow in Ironman) go figure. — SithPriest

Our story: Enterprise star says: Don't blame us for killing Star Trek on TV

Your best comment: I always felt that the real weakness of the show, like most prequels, was not with the stories or the actors. It was that the outcome was already established. Even with the temporal cold war, we still knew that the final outcome would be the founding of the Federation. I mean, the only way they could change that was if they rebooted the entire ST universe by some kind of time travel story, and we all know that that would never happen. — Manos

Our story: Anne Hathaway responds to all those Catwoman costume haters

Your best comment: None of Nolan's Batman movies have done a good job with female characters. Hathaway is a good actress but hard to picture as Catwoman. I am still expecting the next Batman to be awesome. All of Nolan's Batman movies had many flaws but still turned out great. B+ movies. — diesel

Our story: How Rises messes with Apes canon (and 3 ways we can fix it all)

Your best comment: The original novel didn't need to explain some things. It was, as the column above says, satirical. Turn something normal around backwards, and how does the shoe feel on the other foot. This twist to our reality was the point of the book, yet this satirical element has been missing from nearly everything POTA, except that first movie and the statue of liberty scene most of all. However, I haven't seen the new movie yet, so I can't speak to that — Andrew VH

Our story: Image of the Day: Why sci-fi's women are the greatest women on TV

Your best comment: Reasons you're wrong:

1. Ruth Fisher (and others) - Six Feet Under
2. Peggy Olson - Mad Men
3. Temperance Brennan - Bones
4. Dani Santino - Necessary Roughness
5. Nancy Botwin - Weeds
6. Dana Whitaker - Sports Night

Also, let's not forget that Xena and the Star Treks are syndicated shows, that were originally on "mainstream" television.

You've conveniently selected some of the worst specimens of television women to make your point. However, you're glossing over a lot of really great, strong female characters that have existed and continue to exist on "mainstream" television. — See Elle Oh

Our story: 60,000 people say the greatest sci-fi or fantasy book EVER is ...

Your best comment: I read a few years back the most popular TRILOGY of the "20th century" was Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, 2nd was Lord of the Rings.
It is now the 21st century and there have been movies... Things change.
— Michael

Our story: Terrifying teaser for a Godzilla movie we can only dream about

Your best comment: No words. Should have sent a poet. — Marcus Bowenford

Our story: Image of the day: What if ALL superheroes posed like Wonder Woman?

Your best comment: Excuse me, I need to go soak my eyeballs in Lysol now. — Jonathan

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