DC reboots, BSG sells stuff, Supes reveals his crotch and more!

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Dec 15, 2012

East Coast earthquakes and big-ass hurricanes can't stop the Hottest Stories and Best Comments from navigating the series of tubes to land on your computer machine. This week DC gives some other heroes the (re)boot, BSG sells stuff, MacBooks show some skin, Superman hides his crotch and ... Clive Barker tweets the F-bomb.

Our story: DC Fifty-Too reboots the OTHER guys

Your best comment: Deadman is now part of the JLA. He will also be staring in the first story ark of DC's new anthology book. — keb

Our story: Our 15 faves from tomorrow's massive sale of BSG memorabilia

Your best comment: "This is one of two screen used Daggits known to exist from the original show, and was controlled by a monkey inside of the costume."

Controlled by a monkey inside the costume? Seriously?? — Chris

Our story: 8 awesome sci-fi movie skins that mess with your MacBook Apple

Your best comment: The Bowie skin should make your Mac dance. — Peter

Our story: The Dark Knight Rises bids farewell to Pittsburgh with full-page ad, Bane pics

Your best comment: looks like Bane was accosted by the football team, and had to wear a jock-strap on his head. — brewski

Our story: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance gears up with a trailer and images

Your best comment: Is Nicolas Cage really working sans tupee in this one? Wow. That's braver than peeing fire. Kudos, Nic. — nohater

Our story: Our 9 favorite - and least-favorite - Summer Glau roles

Your best comment: I think one of her better roles was on The Unit when she played a slightly trampy army wife who ended up having an affair with one of the guys in the unit. It was a departure from her geeky girl persona. — EJP

Our story: Image of the Day: Where's WALL-E?

Your best comment: These are not the droids you were looking for. Move along. — PaulB

Our story: UPDATED: New Avengers footage screened at D23 Expo

Your best comment: i think i need to do a cartman and cryogenically freeze myself so the waiting time will seem shorter. Hopefully wont recieve a phonecall from my future self ... il keep you all posted — James

Our story: Man of Steel set pics reveal why official pic hid Superman's crotch

Your best comment: HI've been desensitized to this sort of thing since the close-up of Dr Manhattan's junk in The Watchmen. — Kraven

Our story: 6 '80s horror films more in need of a remake than Fright Night

Your best comment: I cannot put into words how much I HATE the Fright Night remake. It not only insults the original but it insults me, the viewer. It had a very cold, jaded view of the younger audience and the characters are severely under-developed. The vampires have less powers (no shape shifting at all) and new limitations. For some reason they don't show up on digital camera even though digital has no mirrors in it and they COULD show up on camera in the original Fright Night.

Please... Hollywood, no more remakes... Just re-release the good ones. You know what's under-rated and I only saw it for the first time a few weeks ago? Legend of He11 house. It has Roddy McDowall (from the original Fright Night) in it and it was written by Richard Matheson (I am Legend). Stephen King calls it the scariest Haunted House story ever. I strongly recommend it. — Amanda

Our story: Was Jason Momoa to blame for Conan's failure to conquer the box office?

Your best comment: If Hercules the Legendary Journeys and The Beastmaster television series had a kid together, this movie would have been it.

They should have gotten Wil Farrel to play Conan's dad instead of Ron Pearlman, the opening scene would have been a great SNL skit!

I kept waiting for Conan and his shipmates to burst into song after the pirate ship battle.

It's pure cheese, hokey and ultra-violent.

Don't get me wrong I totally loved it...

As a comedy! — Robert Slatt

Our story: Think that new Hellraiser trailer sucks? So does Clive Barker

Your best comment: I could not even finish watching the trailer. — David

Our story: Spoiler: Have the new Spider-Man's super powers been leaked?

Your best comment: Look out, here comes Spidercheetahchameleoneelman! — C to the J

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