SF holiday gifts, SF DYI crafts, SF restaurants: 'Tis the season!

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Dec 16, 2012

The holiday season is upon us. Get your geek on (or get a loved one in your life to embrace their inner geek) by checking out geekwear, Star Wars holiday gifts and crafts and riveting SF reads, and eat at some great, real-world sci-fi restaurants. Also, click through to double-check that you don't have a real-life disease named for sci-fi characters. Reader "Mowgli," we're looking at you!

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Your best comment: Love the Kaneda jacket. I guess the American version will have a branded pharmaceutical on the back so they can sell it. Nothing like a punk kid with a Celebrex on his back. — Tom Black

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Your best comment: Love the ice cube trays! When I was a kid I used to freeze my Han Solo figures in carbonate (Coke) using the plastic bubble from the packaging. — Jason

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Your best comment: I'm glad to see a science fiction reading list with virtually no franchises represented. The one that was included was by one of the true masters of the genre - Michael Moorcock, making that forgiveable.

Thanks for a really good list! — WriterBob

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Your best comment: Our family loves Star Wars. My sons room is full of Star Wars everything. I drew him several posters full of Star Wars characters. This would be great to do with both my kids. Thanks I will be looking for your book or hopefully get it for christmas — Stephanie Collins

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Your best comment: Hmmm...more shirtless photos of Taylor Kitsch, please...THEN I'll like it more. lol. ;) Oh, Taylor...you had me at Remy LeBeau... — Tracey

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Your best comment: The Jones poster looks like that old police sketch of D.B. Cooper.. LOL!! — dan

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Your best comment: The Iron Man cover is creepy, Tony looks like he is being zombified or some other monsterfication. — Liz

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Your best comment: Hmmmm.....possibly a villian character? after all, we had a female shape shifting villian in Undiscovered Country. and a few other female evils in other series. so why not? maybe we have the Dominion getting retconned and showing up here.....now that would be awesome. — John

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Your best comment: Okay, Superman Syndrome describes almost every jock I've ever know...it's not a disorder, people...it's just called being a jackass...lol... — Tracey

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Your best comment: actually, a musical composition doesn't necessarily need words to be considered a song. For example, Jim Brickman's "Angel" doesn't have words and it has been considered a song. A band piece is a song. Background music isn't a song because it's just supposed to be for people to experience tension or whatever emotion the background music is for. Unless a song has a certain body to it, it isn't a song. Even the Halloween movie series theme song (Why do you think they're called theme SONGS?) is considered a song. Murray Gold made a whole SONG and finished it. There is a beginning, a middle, and an ending. There is even a series of classical music entitled "Songs without Words" — Janelle

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Your best comment: I've been to Mars 2112 a couple times. I remember being amused that the salads were listed on the menu as "Soylent Green." (Alas, our server didn't get the joke.) — greg

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Your best comment: I told my son to stay away from the dark side, but he made a commitment to train with it for seven days straight. I guess the force really does have a strong influence on the 'week' minded. — Manos

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Your best comment: For those who think this is a terribly long time to wait, I'd like to point out that some of us long time very patiently waited SIXTEEN YEARS for the show to come back, from 1989 to 2005, with only the Paul McGann movie in 1996 to tide us over. So a few extra months is nothing! — Math Guy