Geek gifts, Spidey pics, broke Batman, outraged fanboys & more!

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Dec 16, 2012

'Tis the season to get your geek on! This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments offer the best in science-fictional gifties, gingerbread masterpieces, an attempt at out-Sherlocking Mr. Holmes, retro posters, Spidey pics, Batman conjecture and ... Tim Burton's aborted Superman. (Whew!) Also: Click through for a fun a craft project!

Our story: 15 fantastic gifts for your favorite geek girls

Your best comment: Although these are cool a fan-girl, I'm not really interested in any of it...well, that trench coat is pretty cool, but the rest isn't anything that screams "SHE WILL LOVE THIS!!". And what the heck is up with the statue of Felicia Day? Even if I was a huge fan of her character, I would still raise an eyebrow if my boyfriend gave me a statue of a girl carrying a laundry Not a good message to deliver on Christmas, me. lol. — Tracey

Our story: 20 awesome gingerbread creations inspired by sci-fi films and TV

Your best comment: How do you eat those superhero gingerbread cookies and NOT pretend you're Galactus?! — Nexus 6

Our story: BSG dog tags, Stargate action figures and 19 more awesome Syfy gifts

Your best comment: You could also use the Sharon standee for your Hawaii Five-0 fan, saying it's a Kono standee. — PrezGAR

Our story: 14 great sci-fi and fantasy detectives who out-Sherlock'd Holmes

Your best comment: I can't believe we all overlooked Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad. They may have solved one case maybe. — Math

Our story: Retro Tron and 9 more reimagined minimalist sci-fi movie posters

Your best comment: How is Apollo 13 a Sci-fi movie, exactly? It's a dramatization of historical events. — Crusade2267

Our story: 12 musical sci-fi gifts that'll rock your geek friends' holiday

Your best comment: Calling Shatner's album "Musical" is streching the bounds of language beyond destruction. Masocists who keep purchasing these things in sufficient numbers to ensure continued production need to be isolated and studied. Possibly by vivisection. — Mndrew

Our story: 4 new Amazing Spider-Man pics show off Spidey's supporting cast

Your best comment: Have they cast J Jonah Jameson yet? I always felt R.Lee Ermey would be the perfect guy. He looks just like the comic version. Flat top, loud mouth, perfect fit. — XA351GT

Our story: Revealing toy concept art for Tim Burton's aborted Superman movie

Your best comment: I am open to change, but Nicolas Cage as Superman? That would be about as dumb as making George Clooney Batman, I mean no one is that crazy.... Oh wait... nevermind. — hockeyfan

Our story: 5 amazing Star Wars paper snowflakes (and how to make your own)

Your best comment: These are really nice and I just put a fresh blade in my X-acto knife. Here's hoping I don't cut myself making them! — Thogar

Our story: 11 comic-book superteams worthy of a shot at big-screen glory

Your best comment: Gen 13 ... It's got everything Hollywood loves ... diverse cast, gay character, teen angst, lead with a massive rack. How could this NOT make $100 million? — Cris

Our story: Bane leaves Batman broken in new Dark Knight Rises poster

Your best comment: Forget Bane breaking the Bat's back. It will be Catwoman breaking the Bat's heart and Bane will be there to pick up the pieces. The Bat and Bane will go all "Broke Back Mountain" and really take the franchise in a new direction. Or maybe it will be "Broke Bat Mountain". — TomFoolery

Our story: 2nd surprising Battleship trailer turns out to be filled with awesome

Your best comment: I love how us geeks get all up in arms about everything that comes out these days, yet have no idea of what puts butts in seats at theaters. Most people aren't looking for Shakespeare when the summer season comes around. They want bigger, louder and more spectacle. As long as the director spends as much time on pacing as the studio did on special effects, this movie will be just fine. — theapocalypse

Our story: Chris Nolan explains that 8-year gap between Dark Knight and TDKR

Your best comment: Bane has never been more unrealistic than any other Batman villain. But he's always had a more elaborate characterization than many of the other more gimmicky members of Batman's rouges gallery. So I think he's a great choice. Just because he's not physically twice the size of a regular human being as he's often drawn in the comics doesn't necessarily mean they removing the key things that make Bane, Bane. He still looks pretty amped up to me. — ChrisS