New: Spidey, Batman, weird species, zombikinis and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

Everything old is new again! Spidey gets shiny threads. Total Recall is revamped. We discover new "alien" residents. Dark Knight leaks. Koenig comments on Shatner. Oz is legion. Dwarfs return to Middle-earth. Click through for 11 things you DIDN'T hear about this week!

Our story: New images of The Amazing Spider-Man - Trailer coming next week

Your best comment: I'm guessing that he's already fought Electro from the state of his hair. — Ben Parker

Our story: Check out those stormtroopery outfits in 5 Total Recall set pics

Your best comment: If there are no bulging eyeballs, nasal bug extractors, or lady mutants with three you-know-whats, I'm out. — VideoTech

Our story: 9 weird newly discovered species which might turn out to be aliens

Your best comment: But which one will be featured next as a SyFy Movie Monster? — kenwarf02

Our story: 5 awesome and 5 awful movie-inspired sci-fi TV shows

Your best comment: Spike TV produced a series based on Blade that I thought was really good. It was apparently too expensive for Spike to support, and they canceled it after one season, a year before Vampire TV Shows became the next guaranteed cash cow. It was produced by David Goyer, who wrote all three of Nolan's Batman films and all three Blade films. — Stogoe

Our story: Watch before it's gone: Leaked look at Dark Knight Rises trailer

Your best comment: It would not surprise me to find out that studios actually love to have 'leaks' like this.
People watch. People talk.

That`s called PUBLICITY. — Conspiracy Lee

Our story: Walter Koenig says William Shatner was no Patrick Stewart

Your best comment: Original series cast members seem to have created a cottage industry over the decades talking about how much they dislike Shatner. I think that says as much about them as it does about him, mainly that none of them were perfect. We all want them to be bestest buddies because of who they portray on screen, but just like in real life, you work with some people you just don't get along with.

As for me, it comes down to which one I'd rather hang out with and maybe have a beer. No offense to Stewart, but I'd pick Shatner in a heartbeat. He just seems like he'd be fun to get s**tfaced in some random bar with. — Zaphod

Our story: 11 powerless comic characters and the powers they could really use

Your best comment: Wow, you guys are cynical. Nothing wrong with the idea, but the powers are off.

Batman - He needs invisibility, not flight. Ever heard of the Bat-plane? Bat-glides? Now he must spend a lot of time and energy trying to make it look like he can disappear at will. He needs to do that for real.

Punisher - Yeah, memory manipulation, great idea. While we're at it, let's give the same power to Batman and Spiderman. That way all three of them can quit being superheroes. No, Punisher needs claws like Wolverine. You know he dreams of carving up mobsters with his bare hands. Either that or the ability to create an infinite supply of bullets. No more realoding to slow down the killing. — Monkey Migraine

Our story: A wonderful guide to 11 Oz films you may be seeing in theaters soon

Your best comment: Because the court ruling forbids anyone but Warner Brothers from using elements that originated in the 1939 film, most of these projects won't have ruby slippers. The magic slippers were silver in Baum's original book. — Josiah

Our story: Image of the Day: 1st look at The Hobbit's Dori, Nori and Ori

Your best comment: the one on the right just looks like kelsey grammer... — Martin

Our story: New Game of Thrones warrior woman is stunning 6'3" actress

Your best comment: Why do [you] think every scene with her will break on the line from Duece Bigilow. "That's a huge--!" — SithPriest

Our story: 4 zombie bikinis guaranteed to give you a rottin' summer

Your best comment: The Hills Have Eyes! — Kevin