Fillion photobombs, Dinklage nominated, Supes changes and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

You clicked. You read. You commented. And here they are: The Hottest Stories and Best Comments of the week! Clicky to find stories on photobombs, new Spidey, Superman, John Carter, chestbursters, A Game of Thrones and more!

Our story: Shatner, Fillion and Schwarzenegger star in 14 sci-fi photobombs

Your best comment: Fillion is the nerd icon of the 21st century. Some people think this is because of Firefly and other sci-fi stuff he's been in. Nope. Fillion is just a big nerd like his fans. Never change, Nathan. Never change. — Troll Stomper

Our story: 12 stunning images from the 2012 Song of Ice and Fire calendar

Your best comment: Picacio surely painted his interpretations of these characters based on their descriptions in the books, not on the actors from the television series. For instance, in A Clash of Kings, Tyrion has grown a beard. He is supposed to be kind of ugly. Peter Dinklage, who portrays Tyrion in the tv show is a pretty good looking guy. — nohater

Our story: New Spider-Man trailer gives us what Raimi's trilogy never did

Your best comment: What do you mean Marvel was not clear on what happened to Peter's parents? What about died in a plane crash but really didn't die in a plane crash because they were faking their own death because they were Russian spies and once the USSR they came to see Peter but it really wasn't them because they were clones made to mess with Peter, but thats okay, because it probably wasn't the real Peter even though Peter himself thought it was..
What of that isn't clear?
— Matt

Our story: DC's changes to Superman will be even bigger than we thought

Your best comment: This article, and the comments below it, all remind me of one thing: "New Coke".

No one wanted a 'New' Coke BEFORE they changed it, and no one wanted it AFTER they changed it, so they changed it back. Let's hope DC does the same thing!

In conclusion, this reboot stuff (both in general and in this particular case) is starting to offend me, and I'm not even a comic book fan! — Neutrinovore

Our story: 6 upcoming ride-based movies Disney hopes will be the next Pirates

Your best comment: How about that tram ride that gets you from the parking lot into the Magic Kingdom? You know, the one that takes you through the Disneyworld Hotel? Get Keanu and Sandra and let that baby rip! — Morgan

Our story: Chris Eccleston reveals the true reasons why he left Doctor Who

Your best comment: I think he should talk to Tom Baker, who turned down "The Five Doctors" and has regretted it for some time now. I see why he would want out. I've worked in a few "toxic" work environments myself. It just wasn't worth the stress and humiliation he felt. However a guest appearance shouldn't be so bad, especially considering much of the management of the series has changed since then. Well, there are some other ex-Doctors who could be cast. I'd like to see poor Paul McGann get another chance at playing the Doctor, that movie sad considering that was an entire regeneration. (Excepting the books and audio, yes, but as they aren't broadcast they can't be considerd quite "canon".) — Andrew VH

Our story: First John Carter trailer gets Taylor Kitsch's ass to Mars

Your best comment: The choice of trailer music alone has me excited about the what the people behind this are developing. How easy could it have been to throw a bombastic "Pirates of the Caribbean" style soundtrack to attract as many people as possible to a property that is relatively unknown to the general public? The fact that they've chosen subtlety indicates that they might be aiming somewhat higher than the lowest common denominator. Promising. — fernando poo

Our story: Little-known sci-fi fact: What inspired Alien chestburster scene

Your best comment: Wow! I know writers use real life as inspiration for their fiction, which in turn gives them a measure of catharsis, but this has to be the most brilliantly executed example! R.I.P, Mr. O'Bannon. You still rock my world. — DarkHawke

Our story: 1st look at the floating police car from Total Recall

Your best comment: If it was Britain based, wouldn't the number be 999 not the American 911? — Norton

Our story: 3 lame Wonder Woman clips reveal just how lucky we really were

Your best comment: The acting? Terrible.
The fight choreo? Not as bad as you wrote it to be. I didn't mind it.
The SFX? Well, this obviously wasn't the FINAL production so I can't knock them for that.
The characters? I kind of didn't mind them.

Overall: This was Ol' Yeller ready to be taken out to the shed and shot, but I think Adrianne looked the part. However, she is just WAAAAY too soft for the role. I think it's her voice, it's just too young and immature. — DBG

Our story: Game of Thrones snags 13 Emmy nominations. Dinklage FTW!

Your best comment: HALFMAN! HALFMAN! — Tytos

Our story: Eight theories from insane Harry Potter fans

Your best comment: Why do people always think something is deeper than it is? Can't a cool story just be a cool story without it being the new Bible? I'm sure that 5000 years from now as pieces of our civilization begins to rebuild it self and portions of old Harry Potter books and various comics are unearthed people will think these are historical documents. But can't we just wait until that point before we get the authors intention wrong? — Ukot

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